5 bloggers you need to follow for SRS style inspo ?

From edgy to girly, we have our 5 favourite bloggers here for you that you absolutely must follow if you are in need of a wardrobe re-vamp, or just some general outfit inspo.

Lissy Roddy

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If co-ords and chunky trainers are your thing, Lissy is the girl for you. She has co-ords in every colour under the sun, and knows how to rock those teeny-tiny cat eye sunnies that everyone is wearing at the moment.

Lauren Black

Lauren is a London-based fashion blogger and even if you aren’t interested in following anyone else for style inspo, this girl knows how to caption a photo. She’s a total sass-pot.

Chloe Plumstead

Chloe’s whole feed is just gorgeous, her outfits are edgy and unique, and she speaks so much truth! If you love people who say things how they are, you can’t not follow this girly.

Beth Sandland

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 Beth was recently a finalist for ‘Best Newcommer’ at the Cosmo blog awards, and just won ‘Lifestyle Influencer of the Year’ at the Blogosphere awards, and you can definitely see why. She is the queen of honest captions, and she rocks a floaty dress.

Natasha Todd

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 Natasha’s style is always so effortless, and she seems to be able to pull off all sunglasses … no fair. If you’re a hat type of girl, love yourself a watch, and like to experiment now and again with styles a little out of your comfort zone, you’ve got to follow this babe!

We’d love to know which other bloggers or influencers you are loving at the moment, let us know on twitter @jewelleryboxuk !