5 travel organisation tips and a nod to holiday jewellery

Holidays can be the most relaxing few weeks of the year (if you’re lucky enough to have more than one), but from the packing, the planning, and navigating the airport – the time before holidays can be some of the most stressful. Here are the 5 things I do before, during and after the holiday to make sure everything runs smoothly – if I do say so myself, they’re some pretty handy tips.

  • I already live my life according to lists, so naturally I accumulate a few before travelling; a packing list is what your mind would usually jump to – but when do you make it? You wouldn’t be alone in thinking the answer to that is just before you pack, but I think the best packing list is one you keep all year round. I keep a packing list on my phone all the time, it means when I pack I don’t need to sit down and make it beforehand, and it also gets updated after every trip, with the few things that I think would be handy for next time. If I need to bring anything specific on the trip I’ll update my packing list in the weeks before, to make sure everything is ready to be ticked off. It saves so much time and it’s virtually impossible to forget anything, plus they’re super useful for packing on the way home – no chance of you leaving your phone charger behind in Spain this year guys! 

Say goodbye to turning the car around 20 minutes after you’ve left for the airport.

  • Pack outfits rather than just ‘clothes’.  Unless you’re going on a super surprise trip you’re likely to know the plan for most of the time you’re away. You will save so much holiday stress if you plan outfits you’ll need for the things you’re actually doing. Don’t throw a load of random pieces into the case and be left with random combinations once you’re at your destination; I often sit down with a notebook and pen and write out everything I’ll need an outfit for, and what I’m thinking of wearing. This also helps to avoid staring blankly at your wardrobe when it’s time to pack.
  • Have an idea in your head about where you’re going, especially if you’ve got a lot to see. The feeling of coming home from a holiday and thinking you wasted some precious holiday hours is up there with forgetting about the tea you’ve just made that’s now gone cold. Obviously, if you’re going on a sun holiday chances are your list will be 1. Sunbathing, followed by 2. Cocktails, but going on a sightseeing holiday will probably leave you with a list as long as your arm of monuments you want to snap. Before travelling to Paris for the day for example, I looked at online maps to work out where everything was before we got there, it meant we ticked everything off the list and didn’t have to say we went to Paris without going up the Eiffel Tower..

  • I find it crucial to make packing to go home as important as packing to go away. I’m guilty of leaving enough time to pack when I’m first going away, but giving myself 15 minutes to throw everything in my case once it’s time to head home. Usually this leads to disaster, my case is messy and much harder to close, not to mention more difficult to deal with when you have the holiday blues back at home. I find the best thing to do when packing to go home is to remove those few things hanging around in my case that you never got round to using, and start from the beginning with the packing just like when I’m at home.
  • The last tip isn’t actually a tip, but this is jewellerybox, so we have to have a nod to jewellery in here somewhere, and I thought I’d match both holidays and jewellery with this one. When I saw this little cloud necklace I thought it was perfect to include in this post. When I go away, I generally just wear the jewellery that I want to wear whilst I’m, when travelling – so dainty pieces are always a go-to. I thought this little cloud was a perfect holiday piece because it reminds me of weather back home, and hopefully wearing a cloud around my neck will keep the clouds away whilst I’m on holiday – it’s worth a try, right?

What do you do to keep organised for a holiday?