musical monikers – the bands and musicians we’re naming our kids after

Written by Daena
27.05.2021, 13:13

Nowadays we can personalise almost every facet of our lives, from bespoke jewellery to made-to-measure furniture, putting our own personal twist on things allows us to express our individuality. This made us think about the most personal things that we could add an extra level of individuality to, and the obvious answer was our names. Often we’ll choose names that our relatives or close friends …

Engagement Capitals

Written by Daena
20.04.2021, 17:01

“Will you marry me?” Those four little words have brought joy and happiness to thousands, and changed peoples lives forever. From low key private proposals to giant gestures at massive public events, every engagement is a special moment. Every proposal has to happen somewhere, but where in the UK are the most people getting engaged? Using Google search data for engagement related terms such as …

how to take your fingerprint for fingerprint jewellery

Written by Daena
08.01.2021, 12:50

Our range of bespoke fingerprint pieces are as unique and personal as jewellery gets. We can capture the unique shapes and swirls of a loved one’s true fingerprint in jewellery that can be treasured. This guide will take you through how to obtain the best quality and most accurate prints for us to use for your chosen bespoke piece. What you’ll need: Sticky tape A …

introducing: let’s link again

Written by Rebecca Howard
20.11.2020, 17:35

Chunky chains are the ultimate accessory this season. The 80’s trend is back with a vengeance and is here to stay. Chunky statement pieces are big news this year (quite literally) and our new range of necklaces, earrings and bracelets available in sterling silver and gold plated are all you need to create a high impact, low effect look! let’s link again draws inspiration from …

black friday deals you don’t want to miss!

Written by Daena
04.11.2020, 09:30

Not sure whether you should spend your money this Black Friday? Well yes, yes you should! You deserve a treat after the 2020 we’ve all had… Here at jewellerybox we will be offering four different offers across the four days of the 2020 Black Friday weekend. Each deal will be available for 24 hours only, with the first one coming on Friday 27th November. It’ll …

introducing: choose hugs

Written by Rebecca Howard
27.10.2020, 10:17

Introducing our collection of CZ hoops that are all about the sparkle! As 2020 draws to a close why not brighten up the end of the year with a bit of sparkle?! With the festive season pending it’s the perfect time to add some dazzle and shine to your look. We’ve got 41 pairs of sterling silver, gold-plated & rose-gold plated huggies within the new …

Introducing: now+then

Written by Rebecca Howard
12.10.2020, 11:17

Revealing our newest collection now+then! Inspired by minimalist and natural designs, the range comprises of 42 pairs of sterling silver, rose-gold plated and gold-plated hoops and studs, all with a contemporary edge. We think you’ll fall in love with our bobble style hoops and simplistic yet edgy designs – the perfect way to bring in the new season and give your jewellery collection a boost. …

dainty jewellery for men vs chunky jewellery for women

Written by Dan Farthing
06.10.2020, 12:08

About a year ago we talked about two trends that had been emerging – dainty jewellery and chunky jewellery. 2020 certainly hasn’t seen those trends slow. In fact, within those trends we’ve noticed another trend emerging. And that is genderless styling. Whether it’s bold prints on flared trousers and knitted sweater vests, or his acute attention to sartorial detailing, Harry Styles has been heading the …

Introducing: along the lines of…

Written by Rebecca Howard
18.09.2020, 15:28

With Autumn upon us it’s time to swap sandals and floaty dresses for warm jumpers and chunky boots… and it also means it’s time to update your jewellery. What better way to bring in the new season than adding some statement pieces to your collection. Introducing along the lines of… a collection that encompasses bold, chunky pieces to help you make a statement every day! …

piercing parts

Written by Daena
18.09.2020, 11:36

what are the world’s favourite piercings? Body piercing has been around for centuries but has exploded in popularity over the last few decades. But it’s not just ears that we love to get pierced these days, with no body parts off-limits when it comes to body modification. So which are the world’s favourite piercings? And which are growing in popularity? To find out, we’ve analysed: …