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Hi, I’m Albertine! A 20-something London-based blogger with a soft spot for Sunday brunches and delicate jewellery. I’ve been blogging for over five years, I love sharing my styling tips and tricks on my own blog, Albertine Sarah, so that’s what I’ll be writing about for the jewellerybox blog. When it comes to jewellery, I love mixing metals and often wear gold, silver and rose gold items together. My favourite piece from jewellerybox is the Rose Gold Evil Eye bracelet!

Articles from Albertine Brandon

What jewellery to wear with strapless tops & dresses

03.05.2019, 11:00

Well, the weather has certainly picked up a bit recently, so what better time to talk about the best jewellery pieces to wear with strapless clothing? When the weather is warmer, we think wearing items that really show off your shoulders and collarbones can be really elegant. To accentuate these areas, there’s nothing better than a pair of statement earrings or a delicate necklace. Here …

earring style guide | which style is for you?

18.03.2019, 11:00

If I’m honest, I think earrings are my favourite type of jewellery. Necklaces can be fiddly to put on (and they just don’t go with some outfits) and bracelets can be uncomfortable if you’re spending your day working at a computer, or going out for a meal. But earrings, they work with every and any outfit and are a quick way to make yourself feel a …

choosing the right hoops for you

18.02.2019, 11:00

If there’s one jewellery item that’s iconic and easy to wear in multiple ways, it’s hoop earrings. From simple gold dipped 25mm hoops to more ornate charm hoop earrings, there really is a style for everyone and whatever event you’re heading to (and whatever outfit you’re wearing), there’s a pair of hoops that will look great on you! So, let’s talk about some different types …

get the gold look for less

28.01.2019, 11:00

New Year, new jewellery Anyone else use the new year as an excuse to refresh and restock their wardrobe? As well as the occasional sale splurge (pretty printed dresses and oversized jackets come my way), I’ve been enjoying scouting out some affordable gold dipped jewellery to add a subtle luxe feel to my outfits. Seeing as you’re reading this post, you probably already know how …

how to layer up necklaces

12.11.2018, 11:00

When it comes to layering jewellery, you can quickly feel overwhelmed because, well, there’s just so many ways you can do it! Do you stick to one metal? Is there a perfect number of necklaces to go for? What about necklace lengths, how do you decide what’s going to look best? If you’ve found yourself hesitating when it comes to necklace layering, hesitate no more! …

how to style stacking rings

08.10.2018, 11:00

When it comes to wearing rings, I love wearing them stacked. Whether I’m mixing different metals, wearing them at different points along my finger or even across different fingers. If I’m going to wear rings, I prefer to wear a few at a time to make a real statement. Choosing the right metal for you When it comes to stacking rings, the first thing to …

a guide to photographing delicate jewellery

27.08.2018, 11:00

If, like me, you’re a fan of wearing subtle, delicate pieces of jewellery, you will know just how difficult it can be to capture these pieces when taking photos of your outfit. It can be easy for them to get lost, and not be very noticeable in full-length photos. So, today I thought I would share my tips and tricks for capturing your jewellery when …

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