Hi! I'm Daena and I am the PR, Social & Digital Marketing Manager, and part-time blogger here at jewellerybox. As a shopping enthusiast, I have a lot of experience in purchasing jewellery for myself, and know exactly what to look out for to make sure I am purchasing quality items that I know will suit me - I'll be sure to share these tips with jewellerybox blog readers. I adore writing for the blog, and hope that I can give you guys some tips and tricks to up your style in all aspects of life!

Articles from Daena

the 2022 thrifting report

Written by Daena
24.05.2022, 15:43

Which are the best cities around the world for thrift shopping? Thrift shopping has exploded in popularity over recent years, attracting more environmentallyconscious shoppers who want to lower their carbon footprint by avoiding fast fashion andfind some amazing bargains too. Many shoppers have taken to charity shops and flea markets to find the perfect new additionto their wardrobe, finding everything from one of a kind …

a century of fashion icons

Written by Daena
27.04.2022, 10:06

Trends come and go before the blink of an eye, that’s always been the case, this is in part because people change and as consequence, their aesthetic tastes shift. However, this doesn’t stop trends from making comebacks, for example, flared pants and choker necklaces. There are also more efforts for more sustainable and ethical fashion trends, such as thrifting and buying recycled jewellery. With that …

which fashion-inspired baby names are the most popular?

Written by Daena
26.01.2022, 12:43

Just because your baby is too young to speak, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be spoiled with luxury. From designer baby clothes to children’s jewellery, there are endless options for adding fashion to your newborn’s wardrobe. Some parents love luxury and glamour so much that they take baby name inspiration from precious jewels, affordable jewellery brands and top fashion labels. To find the …

the 2021 trend report

Written by Daena
25.01.2022, 10:52

2021 may be over but the trends live on into 2022. From jewellery to fashion, the year 2021 gave us some fantastic looks, merging the home comforts of looming lockdowns with the aspirational luxury we were all longing for. With influences coming from the TV shows and movies we watched to the celebs we followed, 2021 gave us an eclectic mix of retro and modern, …

2022 LGBTQ Wedding Index

Written by Daena
18.01.2022, 16:13

Hollywood’s most expensive movie accessories

Written by Daena
05.01.2022, 14:09

iconic film accessories and dresses that sold for a fortune at auction Hollywood is known for producing some of the world’s most famous blockbuster movies, starring A-list actors and featuring the most opulent accessories. From watches to wigs, an on-screen appearance can make the value of some items skyrocket, and buyers are prepared to pay a premium for screen-used props at auction. Worlds away from …

cost of a night out

Written by Daena
25.10.2021, 11:01

the best cities for a night out in the UK & abroad After 16 months of closure, nightclubs nationwide have finally reopened, and whether you’re a student on a budget or just feeling the pinch after countless lockdowns, you’ll know that clubbing costs can add up fast. It’s no secret that party-essentials like drinks, an outfit and affordable jewellery can rack up a premium in …

royal jewel price tags

Written by Daena
14.10.2021, 12:58

the worlds most expensive royal jewellery Sparkling with gemstones and dripping with jewels, there’s nothing that symbolises royalty more than their iconic accessories. While it’s clear some of the most cherished pieces of royal jewellery are priceless beyond imagination, it’s never been known just how valuable they are, and how long it would take you to afford them. We looked at the most ornate tiaras, …

Fashion on Film – the most-loved fashion movies you need to watch

Written by Daena
30.07.2021, 15:49

As many of us have been staying in a lot more over the past year or two, we’ve been watching more movies and TV shows than we used to. However, as we look forward to getting out and about a bit more, our attention is turning back towards all things fashion, from jewellery and accessories to summer outfits and casual comfies. Our long-neglected wardrobes have …

what’s the best jewellery for my skin tone?

Written by Daena
15.07.2021, 16:33

You should always pick jewellery based on what you love, but if you’re struggling to decide between metals, looking at your skin tone can help you to determine which metal will suit you best. Skin tones can generally be broken down into three categories; cool, warm & neutral. Identifying your skin tone can be done really easily just by looking at your veins and the …