Hi there, I’m Jas, a self- proclaimed travel junkie passionate about affordable luxury travel. On my travel blog you’ll find anecdotes from my travels along with helpful travel tips. When I am not on the road, you’ll find me with my amigos Smithers (my Pug), and Si (my boyfriend). Having worked as an international model for several years, I adore fashion and accessories and have a preference for simple, sophisticated, elegant jewellery pieces. I hope you enjoy my blog posts for jewellerybox!

the november birthstone edit: citrine and topaz

Scorpio’s are lucky enough to have two birthstones for the birth month November; the citrine which is a striking yellow-orange gem, and topaz most commonly found as a gorgeous light blue colour. These gems are both known for their calming energies, warmth and fortune to their wearers. Birthstones and horoscopes are all over this season’s fashion. Our fantastic selection of pieces in both the citrine …

brighten up your A/W with jewellerybox

How is it autumn already?! The days have shortened and become chilly so quickly. The leaves are falling from the trees outside and are now golden and brown. The countdown is on to Halloween, then Christmas will be right around the corner! The change between the seasons is such a special time of year. There’s something exciting about getting your woolly jumpers out of storage …

10 sterling silver staples everyone needs in their collection

I’ve just returned from the most amazing holiday to the Greek Islands where there were whitewashed walls and blue domed churches a-plenty. Whilst out and about, I noticed a very clear jewellery trend had emerged – at the moment it’s all about beach accessorising. It was hard to take my eyes off the glamorous bronzed bodies that were embellished by stylish bohemian jewellery that took …