Maria Joynson

Hi there! I'm Maria, a blogger from London, I write my own beauty and fashion blog and contribute to the jewellerybox blog. I adore throwing in jewellery pieces to my outfits, and mixing things up. I hope you enjoy reading my posts below!

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gold jewellery is in!

You heard me right, everyone’s favourite silver pieces have been taking a back seat through spring, and have been thrown out the car window for summer – gold is in. Before recent months I was always a silver or rose gold girl, but in the magic way that fashion works suddenly gold jewellery is everywhere and I actually considered wearing a memorabilia necklace from the …

how to make jewellery stand out when you are wearing layers

We might be edging closer to spring time, but we’re still firmly in those notoriously colder months, meaning the layers are still being piled on every morning. It can be hard when the mornings are dark, to be thinking about more than what shoes you’re going to wear that day, let alone how you’re going to accessorise (especially when the pieces you pick will probably …