Olivia Redfern

Hey, I'm Olivia! I adore jewellery and the intricate detail that it adds to any outfit. A particular favourite item of jewellery for me has to be earrings - I simply love buying all kinds of earrings, and never fail to leave the house without a pair on, especially statement earrings that add the finishing touch to my look, I'd call myself an earrings connoisseur! I hope you enjoy reading my jewellerybox blog posts!
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an introduction to: the teeny tiny collection

Sometimes, a simple and intricate piece of jewellery is really what makes an outfit, and it is for that reason that I think the Teeny Tiny Collection is perfect! Not everyone feels comfortable wearing big, statement pieces of jewellery (I am certainly one of those people), but still don’t feel as though their look is complete unless they do accessorise. For those of you, the Teeny …

what product should I add to make my basket over £10 in order to qualify for free shipping?

So we have all had that nightmare moment when we have decided to purchase items online, and have ended up being £1, or 50p under the threshold to qualify for free shipping. Many of us are then faced with the tedious challenge of scouring through a website’s pages in order to find a cheap item that will prevent us from paying delivery charges…which is, of …