bling for the gym: earrings

Please tell me it is not just me who thinks about the combination of jewellery and exercise, and is instantly haunted by the faff of being at school and having to remove earrings or put plasters over them because it was a ‘health and safety’ risk? Well, no longer are we forced to stick hideous plasters over our bling, and if we want to wear shiny studs to the gym then why not?!

If you are one of those people who likes to stay hidden in the gym, I’m sure that you probably stick to the all-black outfits, or neutral colours, am I right? We’ve all been there, and although gym nerves are something that you will totally forget about after a while, they shouldn’t stop you from being stylish at the gym. I’ve popped together a collection of beautiful studs that are gym appropriate, and will add a bit more glam to your gym attire.

1. Sterling Silver Ball Stud Set – £5.95
2. Sterling Silver Brushed Heart Studs – £5.25
3. Sterling Silver Clear CZ Round Studs – £4.25
4. Sterling Silver Ruby CZ Heart Studs – £5.25
5. Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Silver Wishbone Earrings – £4.55
6. Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Silver Cube Earrings – £4.25
7. 9ct Rose Gold Circle Earrings – £24
8. Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Silver Ribbon Bow Earrings – £5.45
9. 9ct Yellow Gold Crystal Round Stud Earrings – £15.75
10. Gold Dipped Sterling Silver Ball Stud Set – £7.35
11. 9ct Gold Bar Stud Earrings – £20
12. 9ct Gold Small Triangle Stud Earrings – £20

Big studs are probably a no-go if you like to listen to your music in the gym. They can get in the way and you really don’t want your cables tangling around your earring, it is not comfortable – let me tell you that. I’d also suggest not wearing hoops if you can help it, it can be a little dangerous so try to steer clear, unless they are small sleeper hoops. The last thing you want is to have an earring ripped out because it got caught whilst you were finishing your last set of chin-ups!

We asked a couple of eager gym-goers what their thoughts and opinions were on some of our gym-jewellery picks (it seems that they went down a treat)!

Well, there you have it, they’ve been approved by workout-fanatics, and recommended by us. Enjoy looking even more fabulous during your workouts now girls!

By Daena Borrowman