caring for jewellery on holiday

Written by Daena
10.06.2019, 11:00

If you’re off on holiday soon – lucky you – but have you thought about how to take care of your jewellery whilst you are sunning it up? Here are our top tips to keep your jewellery safe and in pristine condition whilst you are enjoying your time away.

  • Don’t take your valuable jewellery
    It sounds pretty obvious, but don’t take your expensive jewellery with you on holiday if you don’t need to. You don’t want to be stressing out about losing it whilst you’re meant to be relaxing!
  • Insure the valuables you are taking
    If there are some valuables that you really want to take with you on your holiday, make sure that they are insured. Some holiday hot-spots have higher crime rates and there’d be nothing worse than having your wedding ring stolen for example. Some travel insurance will cover jewellery, but make sure you check and take out additional cover if needs be.
  • Buy a jewellery roll for travel
    Jewellery rolls are amazing for keeping your jewellery neat, and also stop chains from tangling. If your jewellery is special to you then it is best to keep the jewellery roll in your hand luggage rather than in your case, so there’s less chance of things going missing.
  • Remove before swimming
    The water and chemicals in pools can react with precious metals and gemstones such as pearls. To avoid your jewellery tarnishing we recommend removing your jewellery before going into the pool or the sea, but make sure you leave it somewhere safe.
  • Don’t wear jewellery on the beach
    …if it’s something you’re precious about. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time on the beach, make sure you remove your jewellery before you head on down. Sand can scratch your jewellery, particularly gemstones, and also no one wants to lose their favourite ring in the sand, or have a Kim K style losing your diamond earring in the ocean moment!
  • Clean your jewellery
    We’d like to think you’re all being sensible in the sun and wearing sun cream, but this can play havoc with your jewellery, particularly gemstones. If sun cream gets on the gemstones it can make them look dull and old, so to keep them looking shiny and new you should clean your jewellery with alcohol wipes to maintain the shine.

And there you have it, those are our top tips to keep your jewellery pristine and safe on holiday. Enjoy your getaway!