what’s the best jewellery for my skin tone?

Written by Daena
15.07.2021, 16:33

You should always pick jewellery based on what you love, but if you’re struggling to decide between metals, looking at your skin tone can help you to determine which metal will suit you best. Skin tones can generally be broken down into three categories; cool, warm & neutral. Identifying your skin tone can be done really easily just by looking at your veins and the …

musical monikers – the bands and musicians we’re naming our kids after

Written by Daena
27.05.2021, 13:13

Nowadays we can personalise almost every facet of our lives, from bespoke jewellery to made-to-measure furniture, putting our own personal twist on things allows us to express our individuality. This made us think about the most personal things that we could add an extra level of individuality to, and the obvious answer was our names. Often we’ll choose names that our relatives or close friends …

Engagement Capitals

Written by Daena
20.04.2021, 17:01

“Will you marry me?” Those four little words have brought joy and happiness to thousands, and changed peoples lives forever. From low key private proposals to giant gestures at massive public events, every engagement is a special moment. Every proposal has to happen somewhere, but where in the UK are the most people getting engaged? Using Google search data for engagement related terms such as …

how to take your fingerprint for fingerprint jewellery

Written by Daena
08.01.2021, 12:50

Our range of bespoke fingerprint pieces are as unique and personal as jewellery gets. We can capture the unique shapes and swirls of a loved one’s true fingerprint in jewellery that can be treasured. This guide will take you through how to obtain the best quality and most accurate prints for us to use for your chosen bespoke piece. What you’ll need: Sticky tape A …

What is an Andralok stud?

Written by Dan Farthing
14.08.2020, 15:25

Those with ear piercings tend to wear earrings every day, so we understand that it’s important you find a place where fashion and function combine. The answer might be Andralok. In the ‘70s the Andra Jewels’ team developed the Andralok fastening – with practicality in mind. Perfect for everyday wear, you’ll no longer lament the loss of a butterfly back because Andralok’s trademark lever snaps …

Why has my silver jewellery turned black?

Written by Daena
30.06.2020, 16:46

No, it doesn’t mean that your jewellery is faulty, or that it is not real silver. If your jewellery has changed colour and has become black, it has oxidised. Oxidisation, also known as tarnishing, is a natural process for your jewellery to go through and is a product of chemical reaction that is caused by the other metals that are mixed with the silver, reacting …

The Piercing Debate

Written by Rachel
17.12.2019, 10:10

Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi got her first pair of sparkling studs at five months old. Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Shiloh was five years old and Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, celebrated her first birthday with a set of diamonds… The piercing debate is constantly brought to the table, time and time again, but what is the right age to get your child’s ears pierced? How young …

Soap Stars of Instagram

Written by Rachel
12.12.2019, 11:48

Which popular soap stars could earn the most as an Instagram influencer? Here at jewellerybox, we’ve taken a look at the social clout of the stars of the UK’s most popular soaps to reveal who could earn the most money per post if they fancied collaborating with brands as an influencer alongside their soap roles. So who comes out as the highest earner and the …

glossary: stud earring fastenings

Written by Daena
16.09.2019, 11:00

There are three main types of fastenings when it comes to stud earrings, with the most traditional being the butterfly back. However, andralok earrings and screw back fastenings have their advantages too. | Andralok | Butterfly Back | Screw Back | Andralok The andralok style is a modern earring fastening, with andralok studs becoming increasingly popular. They remove the need to worry about fiddly butterfly …

a guide to obscure gemstones

Written by Dan Farthing
26.08.2019, 11:00

| Abalone | Agate | Amber | Aurora Borealis | Blue Zircon | Champagne | Coral | Howlite | | Moonstone | Onyx | Opal | Rose Quartz | Tanzanite | Tourmaline | Turquoise | Abalone It’s unsurprising that the abalone stone comes from the shell of the Haliotidae family of sea life, given its oceanic range of colouring. With pretty purples to turquoise to …