four tips for looking after your hands

We are very slowly coming out of the depths of winter and the sun is thankfully shining (hopefully it will last!) so it seems that now is the perfect time to really pamper and prep the skin in time for summer. The one place I always forget to really take care of are my hands and with no more gloves to hide them, and some gorgeous stacking rings from jewellerybox that I really want to wear, I decided it was time to make a change with four easy tips.


We exfoliate the rest of our body, so why not our hands? I’ve started using a really good exfoliator once a week on my hands to shift any dead skin and reveal softer, newer skin. Especially as you age, this is such an important step to keeping your hands youthful – I for one want my hands to be looking as good as they possibly can.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Our hands are often forgotten when moisturising and they can become dry through wear and tear. If you think about it, your hands are used every single day for tasks that can be quite hard on them. Using a moisturising hand wash is a great first step to softer hands. After washing with warm water, make sure you pat your hands dry before applying your favourite moisturiser.  I also recommend using a deep moisturiser at night before popping on some cotton gloves once a week – it sounds strange but trust me, you will have baby-soft skin.

Remember those cuticles

It’s so important to remember your cuticles too! The slightest knock or wrongful nip from nail scissors could cause an infection so keeping them soft and pushed back is key. I like to use an oil on my cuticles as it’s quick to use and gives instant relief. You can use a soft cuticle stick to push back the cuticles where the oil can really get in and do its job. There are so many on the market, and if you are feeling super budget, your good old friend Coconut Oil will do wonders (literally – what isn’t it good for?!).

Perfectly, painted nails

The cherry on the top for me has to be perfectly, painted nails. Grab a nail file and carefully file your ideal nail shape, be sure not to file too hard and always file in the same direction or you may split the nail. Once filed, grab a base coat, your favourite nail shade and a trusty top coat. Take your time if you can, I find a fast drying lacquer really helps as it cuts time in half or you can pop the kettle on and really make the most of your nail drying time, it’s a great opportunity to have some ‘me-time’.

So that’s it, four easy tips to give you beautiful hands that a hand model would be envious of.