go getting ways to start your day positively

Starting the day more positively can make such a difference to how the rest of your day goes. I’ve never had much of a morning routine other than opening my eyes, grabbing my phone for a quick scroll, followed by a shower and then getting ready to get out the door for work. I found this didn’t make me very productive and by 11am, I’d be hungry, moody and wanting to go home, so it was definitely time for a change.

Recently, I’ve been waking up, taking some time for myself and not touching my phone straight away so I thought I’d put together a little guide so you can implement it within your morning routine too. Even if you do just a couple of these, it could help make a change, and create a smile on your face in the morning. It’ll make the world of difference.

  • Don’t pick up that phone! I’ve spent many a morning wasting more time than I’d like to admit, scrolling through Instagram in the morning, but I’ve recently stopped this. I charge my phone in a different room at night now, so when I wake up it isn’t the first thing I reach for. Instead I wake up with natural light and take my time or as much time as I have.
  • Make time for breakfast. I used to be the worst for waking up and rushing out the door before I’d had so much as a glass of water. I wouldn’t eat until mid morning and by that time I’d be eating the wrong thing. Now, I get up, flick the kettle on and try and have a balanced breakfast of porridge or granola and fresh fruits. I feel healthier for it and so does my body.
  • Have a refreshing shower to start the day. This is a given but now I’m a Mum, this is my ten minutes or so of serenity, so I take in my favourite shower gel and beauty products and really make the most of my time. There’s nothing quite like a hot shower to start the day, and it will truly wake you up, giving you the kick start you need.
  • Do something you enjoy. Catch up on some YouTube videos, go for a run, play with your pets, or spend some time doing yoga. Anything you enjoy to set you up for the rest of the day. Happy mind, happy soul. And none of this “I don’t have time” stuff…you can make time!
  • Listen to a podcast. This is something relatively new for me but it is something I had wish I’d done sooner. I leave them playing while I’m pottering about or playing with my son, and it’s definitely adding something more to my day. I love The Guilty Feminist and Happy Mum Happy Baby.
  • Plan your day. This one isn’t for everyone but I LOVE a to do list I can tick off as I go. I’ve been writing lists in the morning full of things to buy, remember to do plus a couple of things that I’ve already done so I can tick them off. Everyone does this right?!
  • Treat yourself. Whether it’s a morning coffee or a warm bagel for lunch, the treat me mentality works wonders for me. It’s like a pat on the back and sometimes that’s exactly what you need to perk up your day.

How do you start your day with a positive step?