gold jewellery is in!

Written by Maria Joynson
09.07.2018, 11:00

You heard me right, everyone’s favourite silver pieces have been taking a back seat through spring, and have been thrown out the car window for summer – gold is in.

Before recent months I was always a silver or rose gold girl, but in the magic way that fashion works suddenly gold jewellery is everywhere and I actually considered wearing a memorabilia necklace from the 80’s to jump on the trend.. seriously.

Thankfully I didn’t have to wear a slightly browning necklace from 1981 to catch up with summer’s latest jewellery trend, because jewellerybox have launched the Teeny Tiny Collection: a curated group of dainty pieces in mixed metal finishes with a nod to this seasons big hit in gold. Trends may come and go but undoubtedly dainty jewellery is the classic accessory that will never go out of style; we might have gone through a weird time in 2008 where every magazine was screaming “put a statement necklace with it!!!“, but we’re out of the woods with that one now, and the Teeny Tiny collection has us covered.

My favourite piece from the collection is this gold dipped sterling silver choker, I fell in love as soon as I saw it, not only because of it’s colour and teeny tiny-ness but because of it’s uniqueness. It has a bead slider clasp meaning you can adjust the point where it closes; you can go for a loose simple necklace style, go the whole way with an on trend choker look with hanging bar, or meet it somewhere in the middle for a really layered look. It’s such a simple dainty piece but it’s ability to transform just completes an outfit, and I love how it stands out on the background of a white t-shirt.

I’ve been wearing this everyday recently – in the warm weather we’re having it’s difficult to find jewellery that doesn’t feel heavy or too much but this is just perfect (not that I’m complaining about the warm weather!). I’m completely and utterly in love. There are so many other gorgeous, wearable pieces in the collection, from summer anklets to personalisable necklaces, there really is something for everyone.

Shop the Teeny Tiny collection here!