how to layer up necklaces

12.11.2018, 11:00

When it comes to layering jewellery, you can quickly feel overwhelmed because, well, there’s just so many ways you can do it! Do you stick to one metal? Is there a perfect number of necklaces to go for? What about necklace lengths, how do you decide what’s going to look best?

If you’ve found yourself hesitating when it comes to necklace layering, hesitate no more! I’ve put together a handy guide for how to select the right items to wear together for that effortless layered look that will work perfectly with the cosy knits you’re wearing this autumn.

Should you stick to one metal?

The short answer is: no! Personally, I love wearing rose gold, and adding a pop of silver to this palette can be really beautiful. The key thing is to decide what metal you want to make up the majority of your layered necklaces, then add just one other metal to keep the look refined. For example, you could layer a couple of rose gold necklaces with a slightly shorter delicate silver necklace with your initial on it. Mixing metals can be a really nice way to make a statement without opting for bigger, more ornate pieces of jewellery.

Of course, if you’re loyal to just one metal then do stick to wearing it. You could perhaps keep all of the chains the same metal and instead pick pieces that include hints of different metals in their pendants for a more subtle mixing of metals. The teeny tiny collection does this perfectly!

How many necklaces should I layer?

This is totally up to you, but generally three is the magic number when it comes to layering necklaces. A trio of jewellery is really satisfying to look at, and is the perfect way to get that layered look without going too overboard. If you want to keep things simple, think about pairing two necklaces, as this can also work really well – especially if they are of the same metal. Any more than three can sometimes look a bit too fussy.

When you’re choosing which three necklaces to layer, make sure at least two of them are fairly simple and delicate, so that if you have a statement piece you want to show off it stands out in the trio. Wearing too many statement pieces together can again look a bit messy, and layering three simple necklaces together can make a lovely statement piece all together.

Choosing the necklace lengths

This is what makes or breaks necklace layering. Wearing necklaces that are all the same length will look bulky, while wearing a trio that are all different lengths can make a really nice jewellery look. A 2-4 inch length difference between each necklace is the perfect amount to ensure they each have adequate space to shine. One great go-to look is an 18 inch necklace with your initial on, then a 22 inch necklace with two rings and finally a 24 inch necklace with a simple coin or st christopher. This difference in lengths is really aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to shopping for necklaces of different lengths, we have some necklaces that come with the option of choosing which chain length you would like, which makes it really easy to select pieces that you know will layer well together.

So, those are all the tips and tricks you need for layering necklaces this autumn. If you are going to try this out for yourself, try wearing your necklaces with a plain t-shirt or block colour jumper to ensure they really stand out! Good luck with your layering, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different metals, chain lengths and the number of necklaces you layer.