how to style stacking rings

08.10.2018, 11:00

When it comes to wearing rings, I love wearing them stacked. Whether I’m mixing different metals, wearing them at different points along my finger or even across different fingers. If I’m going to wear rings, I prefer to wear a few at a time to make a real statement.

Choosing the right metal for you

When it comes to stacking rings, the first thing to consider is the type of metal you’re going to wear. I’m personally a gold/rose gold gal, so I tend to stick to those for my rings. Gold and rose gold can also go quite nicely together, mixing metals is no longer forbidden, and I find that mixing metals is a bit more exciting. If you want to get really experimental, I personally think silver and rose gold can actually work really well together if the rose gold is kept to just one statement ring, mixed in with a few simpler silver ones.

Mixing ring designs

Once you’ve decided on the metals you’re going to wear, the next thing to consider is the design of each ring. It’s quite common for people to keep stacking rings delicate and simple, but if I’m looking to make a statement I’ll sometimes go for a more ornate, statement ring that I then mix in with more simple rings.

If you find it tricky to decide which rings to stack together, we have some great sets that you can buy and wear together, which makes styling stacking rings a lot easier! The rings in these pictures are actually from the Gold Dipped Stacking Ring Set, which is priced from £24 – such a bargain. You can see some of the gorgeous sets we’ve curated below – there is something for everyone’s taste (and budget)!

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Let’s get stacking!

So now that we’ve decided on the metal type and ring designs we’re going to wear, it’s time to start stacking them. I like to stack mine all on one finger, and I find combining standard and midi rings works best. At the base of the finger, I like to wear a couple of standard rings, if I was going to go for a statement ring in the set, this is where I would place it, and then one simple midi ring, which sits in the top half of the finger.

I find having stacking rings on just one finger is a great way to wear jewellery without it looking ‘too much’, but if you’re attending an event (for example, a festival or party) and want to make a real statement with your jewellery, you could do this across two or three fingers for a really eye-catching look.

So, there you have it – those are my stacking ring tips! I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing how I like to style mine. Let us know on Twitter – @AlbertineSarah & @jewelleryboxuk, how you style yours, and get shopping the jewellerybox stacking ring collection here.