meet the team: Dan

Written by Dan Farthing
05.08.2019, 11:00

jewellerybox’s first intern!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name’s Dan and I’m from Maidstone, Kent. I’m currently going into my third year studying English Lit at Newcastle University and I’m just finishing a month-long internship at jewellerybox!

Why did you want to work here?

I’d known about jewellerybox for a while, since Dave (a family friend) had worked here for years. It sounded like a really cool place to work and he could never say a bad word about the company when we spoke, and so he was more than happy to point me in the right direction when I asked if they’d have any space in the team for me!

What did you get up to in your time here?

I’ve done everything from writing and editing product descriptions to attending Christmas in July (our biggest PR event to date) and writing my first blog post. In between all that I’ve even done some modelling for the men’s jewellery collection, which I believe will be blessing your screens very soon if you’re lucky!

What skills have you learnt as a result?

Pretty much everything that I’ve done here has involved an element of learning which is why it’s been so valuable! As a Uni student the phrase ‘independent work’ is often synonymous with the word ‘procrastination’! – but here I’ve had to prioritise, dipping in and out of tasks and managing my time effectively. I’ve also had to confront tasks that I would never do outside of work, so my confidence with handling foreign situations has grown massively.

What’s so great about working at jewellerybox?

The obvious answer would be … Doris, the office puppy! On my first day here I realised that I was still the newest member of the team, despite the fact that the second youngest team member was a three-week-old puppy! She’s adorable and she’s fully won the hearts of everyone in the office. A dog-friendly atmosphere is surely the best kind.

Highlight of working here?

I’ve been very lucky – so my time here coincided with the Summer Work BBQ! It was a lovely evening (fuelled by an excess of food and booze) and everyone played some part in its success. It’s all been great and everyone’s been so welcoming. So I’d probably revise my answer to the previous question and say that the best thing about working at jewellerybox is the team! (including Doris of course).

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