meet the team: Marta – photographer

Written by Daena
20.05.2019, 11:00

With the success of our previous meet the team postswe wanted to introduce another member of the team to you – Marta – resident jewellerybox photographer!

Where are you from?

I’m from Poland.

What’s your favourite jewellerybox product?

My favourite product to wear are the sterling silver andralok stud earrings with clear crystal. They are delicate, more delicate than you’d think from the picture and they are also really comfortable for everyday wear.

Sterling Silver Andralok Stud Earrings with 3mm Clear Crystal

What’s your favourite type of product to photograph and why?

I like to photograph products that have crystals in or on them, because I can play with the lights and capture the shine and beauty of the crystals. It can be a little challenging!

What’s your all-time favourite thing to eat?

Spicy pumpkin soup with some crushed pistachios on top – trust me, it’s good.

What’s your favourite way to spend the weekend?

I like to spend my weekends hanging out with friends or going for a cycle – or both!

Quick-fire round!

  • Silver or Gold silver
  • Pizza or Pasta – pizza
  • Tea or Coffee – lemon tea? (sorry!)
  • Summer or Winter – Winter

Next time you see a cute photo on the jewellerybox homepage, or a new product image, know that it was probably taken by our Spicy Pumpkin Soup-loving-photographer, Marta!