the gift that keeps on giving…

Written by Daena
21.05.2018, 17:38

You know those family members who are just so impossible to buy for? The niece that you don’t know all that well, your Mum who won’t tell you what she wants for her birthday? Yes, we’ve all been there. But over on our partner site TheCharmWorks, we have just created the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, and you don’t even need to put much thought into it, as your recipient will get to pick the gifts themselves! OK, I know you’re a little confused, so let me explain:

You pay a one off cost of £99, this gets you a charm bracelet and a total of 13 charms, but no no no, you do not have to pick all 13 – only two (and it’s pretty simple as you pick a birthstone and a letter charm, hopefully you know the recipient well enough to be able to get these right!). So why is this a gift that keeps on giving, I hear you ask? Well, over the next 11 months after the initial purchase, the recipient of the gift will receive an email each month allowing them to pick a new charm from a large selection, to add to their bracelet. We will then post this directly to them. After the 11 months are over, they’ll have a gorgeous, complete, sterling silver charm bracelet, all thanks to you!

We know, we are geniuses for coming up with this idea – you can thank us later! So if you are on the hunt for that perfect Birthday present that won’t be left on the dressing table gathering dust, or end up in the ‘re-gifting’ pile, this is a perfect option.