top picks for men’s jewellery

Written by Dan Farthing
02.09.2019, 11:00

Accessories in general can still be a bit of a mystery for some men, but we think jewellery is the way to set yourself apart from the crowd. It’s important to ease into it, if you’re not comfortable wearing it then it won’t look right. Whilst you’re getting used to wearing jewellery it’s a good idea to stick to the same staple pieces every day and try to keep it classic and understated.


Pendant necklaces are perfect for this. If you’re new to wearing jewellery a pendant necklace may seem like a more risky option and yet, if done right, they’ll be worn with confidence all the time.

The pendant on this St. Christopher isn’t too large so it doesn’t make a statement, but it’s a good staple piece to style with.

If there’s a lot going on with your outfit, just tuck the pendant under your t-shirt and you’ll still get a casual look with the chain visible at your nape.

If you’re not into pendants though, this basic curb chain is perfect in its thickness. It’ll elevate those plain white t-shirts and knackered old jeans, so it’s a great accessory for everyday wear.  

It’s also available as a 7 inch bracelet, so you could even opt for the set.


Speaking of bracelets … they seem to be a lesser-worn piece for men, but they can add loads of character to an outfit – so be bold.

Here’s my pick:

We don’t like rules, but we’d advise with this type of chain bracelet not to double it up with another bracelet, it’s got enough character as a solo piece.


Moving onto rings – they’re the most commonly worn jewellery item for men so they’ve got to be done right.

This sterling silver signet ring is the place to start. It’s a solid size so it won’t go unnoticed, but it’s simple so it’ll work effortlessly with any look. It can also be engraved so if you’ve got a family crest or just fancy your initials on the face of the ring, we can do that for you.

Another simple ring option is this D shaped band. This one can be engraved on the inside if there’s a special something you want to have written in there and at 5mm it’s not too delicate.


Finally, earrings. Earrings are obviously important as they’re the most likely to be seen. If you’re going for a classic look these square crystal stud earrings are a safe bet – maybe not the best if you work in a smart office though.

If you’re more into your gold jewellery and prefer to keep it coordinated this yellow gold option is for you

With over 180 products in our Men’s jewellery category alone (all of our jewellery can be worn by either gender!), we think it’s worth having a little browse to see if anything takes your fancy.