up your selfie style

Written by Daena
12.02.2018, 12:44

Hands up if you are partial to taking a selfie or two? Yes, I think we all are partial to one…or ten (guilty). I am always so self-conscious when I’m taking pictures in public, even if it is with my friends. What always helps me to care a little less is to make sure that I am well accessorised, that way, judging eyes will quickly move onto the accessories I’m wearing, rather than the fact I am standing in the middle of Covent Garden taking a selfie. Sparkly goodies as selfie distractors, why not?! It’s essential to get a good picture for the ‘gram!

Radiant/Rose Gold

For all my fellow rose gold lovers out there, I’ve got you some dainty but still fairly bling accessories to jazz up your hands. How gorgeous is this letter V bracelet?! The tiny clear crystals make the bracelet look super expensive and luxurious, no one will ever know that this didn’t break the bank.

9ct rose gold & clear cz crystal letter v bracelet – £33.75

To match this, how about a stacking ring set? Gone are the days where wearing just one ring was the most fashionable thing to do, it is all about layering up jewellery and these rings are just perfect for that. With two of them being relatively plain, the main attraction is the Crystal Half Eternity ring. I love wearing these either all on the same finger, or across two fingers, with the infinity symbol ring on its own.

rose gold dipped sterling silver infinity twisted cz stacking rings set – From £19

Trust me, no one will be judging you for your selfie taking with these rose gold pieces on your hand!

Sparkling Silver

If you are a true selfie queen, and want a ring to match, how about a tiara ring to show off whilst you’re taking your snaps? A ring to reflect the queen you are.

sterling silver & clear cz crystal tiara ring – From £9.94

For those of you who prefer chunkier rings or more statement pieces, there are plenty of options, but one which is bound to up your selfie game is this double criss-cross ring. With this on your hand, trust me, everyone will be side-tracked from your selfie taking antics.

sterling silver double criss cross ring – From £20

I have the perfect bracelet to accessorise up too. Now, when someone is looking at you whilst you are snapping away, an eye will be staring right back at them – two can play that game.

sterling silver 7 inch evil eye bracelet – £5.75

Glistening Gold

Lastly, for those of you who have a little more cash to splash, and want to look truly glamorous, you will be set with this stunning gold bracelet with crystals.

9ct gold & cz crystal belcher bracelet – £138

I don’t think that you would really need any rings with this hanging on your wrist, but if you want to completely slay the selfie-taking game, then why not add these heart and wishbone stacking rings too?

9ct gold wishbone & heart pave cz stacking rings set – From £81

With your jewellery game upped, and your selfie-style on point, you’ll have no reason to feel awkward anymore when you want to whack out that front-facing camera – jewellerybox will always have your back girls.

Photo Credit: Maria Joynson