introducing: Zâna, @fashion_fairy_z

introducing: Zâna, @fashion_fairy_z

13.02.2019, 16:12

Back in December 2018, we hosted a Christmas Bloggers Event (although it was more like a party), which was a huge success! On the night, we hosted a competition for the bloggers invited where they could design their own necklace which would then go up for sale on our website. We had some fantastic designs, however one was a total stand-out, designed by the lovely Zâna, @fashion_fairy_z.

The piece is something which can easily be taken from day to night, with the options to wear the two parts of the necklace individually, or combined into a double layered piece.

Tell us a bit about you Zâna…

I am a Fashion and Style blogger based in London; I am originally from Romania and I moved to the UK about 5 years ago. I’ve always been passionate about fashion, I absolutely love putting outfits together, styling different pieces and building ‘my forever wardrobe’. I slowly started to get more invested in it, spending hours mixing and matching, and finding new ways to wear old pieces. I then began taking photos and posting them on Instagram. When I saw that people really appreciated my style, and complimented by fashion sense, I thought I might start a blog as well.

That all happened about a year ago – I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, I am over the moon I get to do what I like and I hope to grow more and more in the next few years. My background is in Marketing, I currently work full time in Digital Marketing and Social Media for a high-end furniture retailer, so designing jewellery is new for me.

What does jewellery mean to you?

I always treat my outfit like a blank canvas, I love how it offers an infinite number of possibilities, a way of taking styling from great to fabulous. I think jewellery is one of the most evocative accessories and it helps finesse an outfit and makes you look more put together. Might sound like a cliche but it’s definitely the salt and pepper that gives the food its delicious taste.

Imagine a plain black top. Put a delicate crystal necklace around it and it looks chic and elegant. A pair of pearls and you’ve nailed the classic look. A chunky necklace and you couldn’t look more glamorous and stylish.

What was the idea behind the piece you’ve designed for us?

I wanted a piece that would be both casual & chic, simple & sophisticated, a piece that would bring a bit of glamour to minimal outfits or maximise statement ones. It can work wonderfully layered together or worn separately and still make an impact.

How do you style this piece?

I feel it is quite a versatile piece to wear, making it easy to style with an LBD on a night out or even beautifully displayed around a V neckline, or even layer on top of fine knit. Off the shoulder or low-cut necklines would also look fantastic with it.

We agree, it’s a very versatile piece, and is a great accessory to take your outfit from day to night!

Zâna’s piece will be available for you to buy on 18.02.19 for £19.