the august birthstone edit: peridot

the august birthstone edit: peridot

12.08.2019, 11:00
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August is upon us and with the new month brings a new birthstone to obsess over. Peridot is the birthstone for the eighth month of the year, a gemstone which is said to ward off nightmares and have healing powers.

The peridot stone is a lime green colour, which comes about through its high content of iron and magnesium in its makeup. “How is this stone found?” we hear you ask. Well, it is found deep in the earth and most commonly bought to the surface through volcanic eruptions.

The Egyptians called it “the gem of the sun”, and many say that Cleopatra probably wore peridot rather than emeralds, due to a large amount of peridot historically being found in Egypt. These days, most peridot is found in Australia, Brazil, Burma, Kenya, Mexico and Sri Lanka.

So now you know a little about this gorgeous lime birthstone, here are some of our peridot favourites.

  1. sterling silver & 4mm square peridot gemstone stud earrings – £15.45
  2. sterling silver & peridot cz crystal august birthstone twisted rope ring – from £9.15
  3. 9ct yellow gold peridot 4mm stud earrings – £25
  4. 9ct gold peridot gemstone august birthstone pendant – from £35
  5. sterling silver & cz crystal 10mm heart earrings – peridot – £7.35
  6. sterling silver oyster shell with cz crystal peridot birthstone necklace – from £12.75
  7. rose gold plated sterling silver 3mm peridot cz crystal andralok stud earrings – £12
  8. sterling silver & peridot cz swarovski birthstone 18 inch pendant & stud earring set – £23.99
  9. sterling silver & peridot cz crystal august adjustable birthstone ring – £7.45

Which is your favourite of our peridot picks?