Can a name give you model looks?

Our names are important, they give us part of our identities, and name meanings can often hold importance for both the owner of the name and the parents who gave it to them. But can a beautiful name give you the looks to match?

We took a look at 4,000 models from the runways to fashion magazine covers to find out what the most common names in modelling are. Is your name model-worthy? Take a look at our top 10.

The most common names for female models

There are some names we can’t help but associate with the most beautiful people in the world - Kate, Naomi, Claudia. But while those names might be iconic, they’re not the most common.

In fact, the most common name for the 2,000 female models we looked at was ‘Anna’ and derivatives such as ‘Anne’, with 23 models bearing that name, such as legacy model, Anna Cleveland, who followed in the footsteps of her supermodel mother, Pat Cleveland and German model Anna Ewers.

The most common names for male models

You might not be able to name many male models off the top of your head, but you may well recognise their faces from ad campaigns with some of the world’s biggest brands. But what are the most common names in the male modelling world?

Out of 2,000 male models, we found 23 named ‘David’ or ‘Dave’, including Essex-born David Gandy who found success after winning a modelling competition hosted by This Morning’s Richard and Judy in 2001.

The most popular model names and their meanings

While the above names have proven to be particularly popular in the modelling world, it got us wondering whether the meanings of those names could have predicted the good looks and success of their owners.


We used a variety of online lists to collate the names of 4,000 models. These came from sources such as Models and Wikipedia.

We took 2,000 names of female models and 2,000 male models, counting the number of times each name appeared in our list. We then grouped derivatives together, so names such as John, Jonathan, and Jonny counted towards one total.

The name meanings were taken from

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