capturing your fingerprint

there are two ways you can easily take your fingerprint for your new jewellery piece – either by taking a photo of your finger itself, or by taking a print of your finger. here’s our helpful guide:


taking a print of your finger

what you'll need:

  • sticky tape
  • a pencil
  • a piece of paper
  • camera / camera phone
  • a flat surface 

what to do...

  1. wash your hands and make sure that your fingertip is clean and dry.
  2. use your pencil to fill in a patch on your sheet of paper, layer the patch with your pencil a couple of times.
  3. press your chosen finger onto the dark patch & move it around gently to coat the fingertip for around 30 seconds.
  4. carefully press your finger into the sticky side of the sticky tape, and gently peel the tape off.
  5. repeat step 3 and 4 twice.
  6. stick the tape onto a blank space on your sheet of paper.
  7. take a high-quality photo of the fingerprints using a camera or camera phone.

taking a photo of your finger

follow these steps:

  1. place your chosen finger against a flat, dark surface.
  2. hold your camera parallel to your finger, not at an angle, and take a photo using your camera or camera phone (without using flash). the higher quality the image, the more detailed your fingerprint engraving will be.