the jb loyalty program

earn stamps every time you shop

how it works

1. sign in to your jewellerybox account, or create an account with us if you're a new customer

2. we'll give you 1 jb stamp for every £20 you spend with us. if you only place an order for £12, you'll only need to spend £8 with us next time to earn your next stamp!

3. there's two chances for rewards with the jewellerybox loyalty card. you'll get a 20% off discount code once you've earnt 5 stamps, and a £10 gift voucher once you've earnt 10

4. once you've unlocked your 20% discount or £10 gift voucher, enter your unique code at checkout to claim your discount

how do i see how many stamps i have?

how do i see how many stamps i have?

to view how many stamps you have on your loyalty card, click here & sign into your account

I've just placed an order but my stamps aren't showing?

your stamps will not appear on your loyalty card until your order has been shipped. if your order has been shipped but your stamps are still not showing, please contact our customer service team on

is there a limit to how many stamps i can earn?

the maximum number of stamps you can earn per order is 10

what happens once i have completed a loyalty card?

once you've got 10 stamps and your loyalty card is full, we'll issue you a new one! you'll go from pink, to silver, to gold 🏅

what happens to my stamps if i make a return?

if you make a return, we will not remove any stamps, however the amount you need to spend to earn your next stamp will be adjusted accordingly. for example, if you need to spend £10 to earn your next stamp, however make a return of £10 worth of items, you will need to spend a total of £20 to earn your next stamp

how long will the discount code/gift voucher be valid for?

both the 20% discount code (issued after 5 stamps) and the £10 gift voucher (issued after 10 stamps) will be valid for one year from the date of purchase

i checked out as a guest, can my stamps be added to my account?

unfortunately, in order to earn stamps on your loyalty card, you must sign into your jewellerybox account before checking out. stamps cannot be earnt on orders placed through guest checkout

is there a minimum spend required to use the 20% off code and gift voucher?

no! there's no minimum spend to use your rewards