what jewellery is best to wear to work?

Written by Camilla Artault
05.10.2017, 10:07

When it comes to dressing for work, it’s useful to have a selection of chic, classic items of jewellery that will ensure you’re always looking elegant (and work-appropriate!).

Obviously, your choice of jewellery will depend on your job and on the general dress code at work. But jewellery can be a great way to dress up a plain outfit, and to ensure you’re always looking sophisticated and professional.

If your boss sees you as smart and chic, you’re likely to be promoted quicker – it’s a fact! (Maybe.)

What kind of jewellery should you wear for work?

Gold or silver is generally the most classic, smart choice for jewellery to wear to work. Gold is extremely flattering to most skin tones and goes well with most outfit colours. Pearls are also classic. A pair of pearl studs is an easy way to brighten up a look, and give it a sophisticated touch.

Some people like to choose a simple, stylish necklace and wear it every day, perhaps changing the earrings worn with it for a bit of variety. Others will prefer to wear a different necklace or earrings each day. If you want to go all out with some snazzy statement earrings, wear them without a necklace to allow them to take centre stage. You can also wear bracelets and rings to work, but for a sophisticated look, don’t wear too many pieces at once.

Bracelets such as these below are great options as they are dainty, and won’t get in the way of your typing if you have an office job.

It’s best to save any oversized jewellery for non work occasions, and keep the sparkles and bright colours to a minimum. This will ensure you project a professional but stylish and individual look. But at the same time don’t be afraid to express a little personality in your choice of jewellery. Perhaps choose a subtle but quirky pendant that alludes to an interest, such as an anchor, a shell, a bird or an animal.

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What jewellery complements work outfits?

When choosing your work outfits and jewellery, you’ll need to consider the neckline of your top or dress, the colour, fit (loose or fitted) and whether there’s a pattern on what you’re wearing. Avoid wearing a necklace that comes just to the top of your neckline: one that’s significantly longer or shorter will work better.

What jewellery to wear with what neckline:

  • High neckline: statement earrings and no necklace; long pendant necklace
  • Shirt collar: short pendant
  • Deep V neck: mid-length pendant or round necklace
  • Cowl neck: statement earrings and no necklace
  • Simple rounded neckline:  shorter pendant or necklace, or long pendant necklace

If you’re wearing a patterned top or dress, keep your jewellery fairly simple to avoid an overload of detail.

Consider colour: choose jewellery that goes well with the colours of your outfit, for example, gold with dark green or burgundy (though gold tends to go with almost anything so knock yourself out!), silver with royal blue or navy.  If you’re wearing coloured stones, it’s best to keep your outfit on the plainer side to allow the colours to stand out more.

If you’re wearing a fitted top, you’ll find that either a short or long necklace works. For a loose, flowing top, it’s best to forego the necklace and opt for earrings, a ring or bracelet instead.

Impractical jewellery for work

We’re mostly about the fashion and not about the practicality – who even has time for that? But, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t mention to avoid those 4 inch drop earrings while hanging out near the office paper shredder.

Be aware that bracelets can get in the way as you type or write, and that earrings can be uncomfortable if you spend much time on the phone. Rings can catch on things if you are working with your hands. So it really depends on what you actually do at work and what’s going to be comfortable to wear all day long, as well as making you

Many people consider that long dangly earrings are distracting and less professional than studs, hoops or small drop earrings.

And if you wear a set of jangly bangles, you may find the jingling noise gets on your co-workers’ nerves!

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