the february birthstone edit: amethyst

Written by Daena
08.02.2019, 11:00

February is in full swing, we know January felt like it lasted a whole year, and with that means a new birthstone edit. The birthstone for February is the amethyst, a gorgeous purple colour which is typically a deep violet, however can vary in darkness and is sometimes found to be a light lilac shade.  The amethyst is a lucky stone, not only is it the stone for February, but it is also used to celebrate the 6th and 17th year of marriage.

The Ancient Greeks actually thought that the amethyst stone protected whomever was wearing it from drunkenness – we’re not too sure about this but they are super pretty! Below are our top February birthstone picks:

Sterling Silver & Amethyst Heart Pull Through Earrings Made w Swarovski Elements
Sterling Silver & Genuine Amethyst Ring w Clear CZ Crystals on Shoulders I - U
Sterling Silver & Amethyst Crystal Made with Swarovski Elements February Birthstone Pendant on Chain 16 - 24 Inches


sterling silver & amethyst heart pull through earrings made w swarovski elements – £5.75
sterling silver & genuine amethyst ring w clear cz crystals on shoulders – from £9.65
sterling silver & amethyst crystal made with swarovski elements february birthstone pendant on chain 16 – 24 inches – from £13

Sterling Silver & 6mm Round 4 Prong Set Amethyst Gemstone Stud Earrings

sterling silver twisted amethyst cz birthstone ring – from £10
adjustable sterling silver bracelet with amethyst bead and peace disc – £13.15
sterling silver & 6mm round 4 prong set amethyst gemstone stud earrings – £15.15

9ct Gold & 4mm Round Gemstone Drop Stud Earrings Amethyst
9ct Gold Gemstone Heart Pendant Amethyst
9ct Rose Gold & 5mm Amethyst Genuine Gemstone Stud Earrings

9ct gold & 4mm round gemstone drop stud earrings amethyst – £34
9ct gold gemstone heart pendant amethyst – from £44
9ct rose gold & amethyst genuine gemstone stud earrings – £61

It definitely looks like one of the most sophisticated of the birthstones, what will you be treating yourself to?