children's jewellery guide

whether you’re buying jewellery for your own child or as a gift, it’s important to consider things such as style, sizing and safety when deciding on which pieces to add to the child's collection.

not too sure what you're after? when it comes to earrings, we recommend studs, and bangles and bracelets are ideal for babies and small children.


when shopping online it can be hard to get the right size, but it's important to ensure that the jewellery you're buying won't be too small, big, or uncomfortable for the child. therefore, taking some measurements before making a purchase is always advised

  • we recommend using some string or ribbon to measure the child's wrist when buying a bracelet or bangle, and then adding on an extra 1-2cm to ensure it’s not too tight on the wrist. similarly, you do not want the bangle or bracelet to be too large, as this can cause it to get caught
  • if you're shopping for a ring, use either a ring sizer or a piece of paper to measure the circumference of the finger. if the size is showing as in-between sizes it’s best to size up

tips for children's earrings

  • screw-back earrings are the safest choice for younger children as it’s a lot harder to undo them and it’s impossible to screw them on too tight
  • whilst not essential, we would recommend using our rubber backs for children’s piercings for maximum comfort. you can shop these here

children's jewellery safety tips

here are some tips to keep your child safe when wearing jewellery:

  • as eye catching as some of our pieces are, jewellery is not a toy and should not be played with
  • due to small parts being a choking hazard, it’s important to never allow children to put jewellery near or in their mouth
  • jewellery should not be worn whilst sleeping or for extended periods of time
  • we do not recommend jewellery for those under 36 months. after this age, it is of course up to the parent/caregiver’s discretion whether they believe the child can responsibly wear jewellery
  • when putting on butterfly backs, it’s important to not push the backs too close to the lobe, as this can cause the back to get embedded in the ear
  • none of our pierced goods are suitable as the initial piercing, or to be worn in the healing period after having ears first pierced. please only use our earrings when the piercing is completely healed and the recommended time given by the piercer to swap over jewellery has passed
  • regularly check items such as bracelets, bangles and chains because as the child grows the jewellery will become tighter and it’s important for it not to be too tight or uncomfortable

cleaning & aftercare

  • in order to avoid infection, earrings need to be cleaned regularly. a simple mix of mild soap and warm water is sufficient to clean the pieces, but ensure to rinse them well with clean, warm water and dry off on a soft, clean cloth
  • for more jewellery cleaning tips, check out this blog post