the world’s most expensive engagement rings

When you’re ready to make that next step with your loved one, choosing the perfect engagement ring can often be an overwhelming choice to make, because you want it to be just that perfect one. Depending on the size, cut and colour of the gem you’re hoping to have on the ring, it could add up to be quite the investment for the everyday couple. In the UK the average usually spent on an engagement ring is £2,419, while in the US, the average spent on an engagement ring is $6,351.

For the rich and famous though, showing someone you love them often has an unlimited price tag, with some individuals splashing out millions on a ring for their fiance-to-be. But who forked out the most for their engagement ring? We’ve pulled together the list of the most expensive engagement rings in the world to find out, and some of the amounts spent are eye-watering!

the world’s top three expensive engagement rings in history

1. Grace Kelly & Prince Rainier III of Monaco

  • Price of the ring: $4,060,000
  • Adjusted for inflation: $38,866,738 / £29,260,241
  • Designer of the ring: Cartier

Fashion icon Grace Kelly was well known to have exquisite taste when it comes to clothes and jewellery, so of course, her engagement ring had to be no different. The 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond ring by Cartier was presented to Grace Kelly in 1956 by Prince Rainier III of Monaco and was estimated to cost him $4,060,000, which in today’s financial terms equates to a crazy $38,866,738! That’s nearly $39 million over the average spent on an engagement ring by the general US public (or just over £29 million for our UK readers).

2. Jackie Kennedy Onassis & Aristotle Onassis

  • Price of the ring: $2,600,000
  • Adjusted for inflation: $19,454,276 / £14,645,860
  • Designer of the ring: Harry Winston

The former First Lady of the United States takes the second spot on our list as Aristotle Onassis presented her with a $2,600,000 15-carat diamond back in 1968. Nowadays, he would have had to fork out $19,454,276 for the ring after adjusting for inflation.

3. Mariah Carey & James Packer

  • Price of the ring: $10,000,000
  • Adjusted for inflation: $10,849,184 / £8,167,645
  • Designer of the ring: Wilfredo Rosado

Finally, pop sensation Mariah Carey’s engagement ring from James Packer cost a whopping $10,000,000 back in 2016, and in 2020, the 35-carat bling would cost $10,849,184. That works out as over 170,000% more than what the US general public (or over 337,000% for the UK general public) would pay on average for their engagement ring! Unfortunately, Mariah and James weren’t to last, but the iconic ring lives on in fashion history as one of the most expensive in the world.

Check out the table below to see the full list of the most expensive engagement rings in the world!

most expensive engagement rings table


We conducted research into the most expensive engagement rings in history, focusing specifically on celebrities and members of the royal family from all over the globe. For each engagement ring, we sourced the reported cost of the engagement ring using a variety of sources, which you can view here.

For each ring, we also then calculated how much the jewellery would be worth in 2020 financial terms using this US Inflation Calculator.

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