10 sterling silver staples everyone needs in their collection

Written by Jas
24.09.2018, 11:04

I’ve just returned from the most amazing holiday to the Greek Islands where there were whitewashed walls and blue domed churches a-plenty. Whilst out and about, I noticed a very clear jewellery trend had emerged – at the moment it’s all about beach accessorising. It was hard to take my eyes off the glamorous bronzed bodies that were embellished by stylish bohemian jewellery that took the form of stacking rings, bracelets and long fine necklaces that added an air of enviable elegance. In comparison, I felt like a Christmas tree stripped bare after the festive season has ended.

Whilst I adore the effortlessly chic boho look, I am very much a classic kind of girl and personally don’t like to over accessorise. I think it’s more important to get the right accessory. So, let me help you to find the balance by rounding up the 10 Sterling Silver Staples Everyone Needs in Their Collection, to make sure that you have that perfect piece for every occasion.

1. Stacking rings

This is a fun and modern way to wear your rings. Get creative and match skinny bands with geometric shapes, whilst contrasting with cocktail rings. The choice is totally yours. You can wear this look anywhere, whether it’s from the office to after work drinks or from the plane to the pool, like me!

  1. Sterling Silver Triangle CZ Geometric Stacking Ring Set – from £18
  2. Sterling Silver Pink Twisted CZ Stacking Ring Set – from £22
  3. Sterling Silver Triangle & Bar Geometric Stacking Ring Set – from £25

2. Classic gemstone studs

Everyone needs a great set of everyday studs that they can rely on. You want certified metal (silver is my go to), and good quality craftsmanship that will be comfortable to wear and not cause irritation. At the same time, you also want something that can easily transition between outfit requirements. A classic pair of gemstone studs will see you through every time.

4. Sterling Silver & 6mm Round 4 Prong Onyx Earrings – £11.65
5. Sterling Silver Aquamarine CZ 4mm Star Stud Earrings – £5.25
6. Sterling Silver Clear CZ 3mm Round Stud Earrings – £4.25

3. Pearl studs

Pearl studs are a great alternative to classic gemstone studs and add a touch of class and elegance. I adore jewellerybox’s sterling silver double sided grey pearl stud earrings, that are a modern take on the classic pearl earring. They are really versatile and can be worn for coffee dates with friends, to work and even on evenings out.

7. Sterling Silver Double Sided Grey Pearl Studs – £7.65
8. Sterling Silver & 6mm Freshwater Pearl Studs – £5.65
9. 9ct Gold & 4mm Pearl Screwback Stud Earrings – £19

4. A charm bracelet

As a nomadic traveller, I always like to bring back something from the places that I have visited to remember them by. What better way to do it than with a charm bracelet? It’s such a wonderful way of keeping your memories, and it makes it a versatile piece of jewellery that can be updated following each trip away. My jewellerybox pick for a charm bracelet actually starts at only £7.45!

10. Sterling Silver Light Curb Chain Charm Bracelet – from £7.45
11. TheCharmWorks Sterling Silver Heart Clasp Charm Bracelet – from £25
12. Sterling Silver Winter Snowflake Bracelet – from £9.45

5. Charms

Well you can’t have a charm bracelet without charms, can you?! I like to look for charms that say something about me and my personality, or the adventures I’ve had. Make your bracelet truly unique by adding on charms that have sentimental value to you. Jewellerybox have a wonderful selection of charms which you can shop from here, but if you are after an even bigger selection to choose from, their partner site TheCharmWorks has tonnes that are compatible with the charm bracelets on jewellerybox. Below are some of my favourite charms on offer on jewellerybox.

12. Sterling silver watermelon slice charm – £14.15
13. Sterling Silver Eiffel Tower Clip on Charm – £8.85
14. Sterling Silver Classic Anchor Clip on Charm – £7.75

6. A signature ring

Rings are a great way of showing your personality and making a statement. Dress rings were traditionally worn on the middle finger, but nowadays anything goes really – you do you. I’ve seen loads of people opting for thumb rings, which I think are a cool addition. If you’re wearing a bold signature ring, I’d suggest leaving your delicate stackable rings at home that day – you don’t want things getting too busy!

15. Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Nautilus Shape Adjustable Ring – £32
16. Sterling Silver Abalone Large Convex Adjustable Ring – £43
17. Sterling Silver Double Criss Cross Ring – from £20

7. Elegant drop earrings

For special occasions, drop earrings are an elegant choice. They elongate the neck and give a soft feminine look. Opting for drop earrings on their own can create a chic high fashion look.

18. Sterling Silver Circle Bar & Drop Earrings – £8.65
19. Sterling Silver Wavy Bar Long Dangle Pull Through Earrings – £5.05
20. Sterling Silver Frosted 4mm Ball Pull Through Earrings – £5.35

8. Pendant necklaces

If you want to be like Emily Ratajkowski, Beyoncé and Hailey Baldwin (get in line, don’t we all), then you best get to wearing multiple necklaces together. Delicate chains are a staple, but you can mix and match as you like with chunkier chains too. You can get creative mixing stones, symbols and charms as well as chain lengths. I like to wear my sterling silver lucky sixpence pendant on chain for luck. I get creative with mixing rose gold and silver, as well as chain lengths. Here I’ve paired it up with a fine sterling silver adjustable 20 inch choker necklace with frosted round bead (that can also be personalised making it a great gift idea – too early for Christmas shopping?!).

21. Sterling Silver Lucky Sixpence Pendant on Chain – from £24
22. Gold Plated Silver Adjustable Choker – from £11.85
23. Sterling Silver Wishbone Pendant – from £5.95

9. Hoop earrings

Hoops there it is! Ha, see what I did there?! It’s been a while, but they are back in full force. They have evolved somewhat since the bigger-the-better ethos of the early noughties, and basically, anything now goes. You can choose from minimalist or eccentric designs, with or without embellishments. There is a hoop for every occasion in a wide range of sizes.

24. Sterling Silver 12mm Hoop Earrings – £4.45
25. Sterling Silver 2mm Tube 20mm Sleeper Hoop Earrings – £5.55
26. Sterling Silver 2mm Tube 70mm Sleeper Hoop Earrings – £15.65

10. Layering bracelets

Wear your bracelets the same way you wear your necklaces – stacked! I like to mix and match, combining adjustable fabric ones with beaded ones, and adding fine bracelets for a softer elegant look.

27. Fine Sterling Silver Star Belcher Chain Bracelet – £4.85
28. Black Cord Macrame Bracelet & Sterling Silver Infinity Loop – £11.35
29. Sterling Silver Box Chain & Large Bead Adjustable Bracelet – £9.05

If you have at least one item from these 10 categories, I can assure you that your jewellery wardrobe will be set to see you through any occasion – whether it be a night out with the girls, or a quiet weekend.

When it comes to jewellery there are no rules. But having some great timeless pieces that are sophisticated and chic and mixing them with a few current trends is a great place to start. Luckily with jewellerybox, everything is so affordable that even if you do pick out some more “trend” focused pieces, you haven’t shed out a fortune.

Happy shopping, and don’t forget to tag @jewelleryboxuk in your purchases!