an introduction to: the teeny tiny collection

Written by Olivia Redfern
05.11.2018, 11:00

Sometimes, a simple and intricate piece of jewellery is really what makes an outfit, and it is for that reason that I think the Teeny Tiny Collection is perfect! Not everyone feels comfortable wearing big, statement pieces of jewellery (I am certainly one of those people), but still don’t feel as though their look is complete unless they do accessorise. For those of you, the Teeny Tiny Collection helps solve many a problem by providing subtly beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Within the collection there are many different items, meaning that there really is something for everyone. From earrings, to necklaces, and also anklets, such pieces are perfect as a little treat for yourself and also as a present for others, considering that so much of the jewellery is available at a very reasonable price. What’s more, from past experience, I understand that many people have a bit of a preference for either gold or sterling silver jewellery – but again, the Teeny Tiny Collection succeeds in this respect by offering a wide variety of both types (which means that I, as someone who loves Sterling Silver jewellery, is left very happy indeed).

As a bit of an introduction to the Teeny Tiny Collection, I thought it would be quite nice to share some of my top jewellery picks, and let you know what this little range has to offer…

First up, I just have to confess my love for the earrings that feature within this collection. The earrings are created from small sterling silver sleepers, which are perfect alone in many ways. They are quite subtle and so are great to wear to work or on more casual occasions. The addition of the cute little charms adds a little something special (like my lovely little pair which have small, dangly feathers), meaning that they can be worn on a more dressy occasion too! Furthermore, despite the detail on many of these earrings, they are incredibly affordable and many only cost around £7. They’ve been hugely popular on Instagram too, with lots of you guys saying you’ll be buying the Birthstone Hoops as Christmas presents for your friends.

I also feel inclined to talk about the range of anklets that jewellerybox offer in their Teeny Tiny Collection. For me, anklets are the perfect accessory to wear during the Spring and Summer Months – and whilst I understand that it is now Autumn, it’s still a great idea to stock up on some pretty little anklets for the future, especially if you’re lucky enough to be swanning off on a Winter holiday. There are so many different anklet designs available in the collection (I particularly adore my anklet which features a small moon and star), but each is similar in the respect that they are very dainty, and are ideal for adding a little bit of extra detail to a look.

My final top pick certainly has to be the chokers that feature within the collection. Whilst I do love chokers, from previous experience I know that I feel a bit uncomfortable wearing statement chokers as they almost seem to overwhelm my look. Therefore, the perfectly simple and subtle chokers that jewellerybox offer in their Teeny Tiny Collection are a great alternative for someone like myself. My choker looks very cute with its little hoop design, and it’s versatility means that it works well with many different outfits – and the option between having such a choker in either gold or sterling silver gives everyone that bit more choice too. Not to mention that they are adjustable, so you can wear it as loosely as you want!

Michelle, jewellerybox jeweller and designer of the Teeny Tiny Collection says “the collection was created to offer dainty pieces of everyday jewellery that will appeal to a wide range of people. The premise is to encourage jewellerybox customers to mix n match, which is why many of the items offer customers the choice of metal colour for the adjustable chain, as well as the charms, for example. The charms used in the Teeny Tiny Collection are also available to purchase separately, so customers can add on other charms to their items, making them unique and special to them, think of it as a ‘make your own jewellery’ starter”.

As you can probably see, the Teeny Tiny Collection goes to show that big and bold isn’t always the answer – many of the pieces in this jewellerybox collection are small and simple, but they all make perfect accessories!