meet the team: Nathan – head of digital marketing

Written by Daena
24.06.2019, 11:00

where are you from?

I’m from Barnstaple in sunny North Devon, originally. If you’ve been on holiday to Cornwall, you have probably driven past my house.

what’s your favourite jewellerybox product?

Tough question as I don’t wear any jewellery, but I hear that huggie hoops are in right now, so maybe these:

9ct Gold Faceted Huggie Hoops

what does your job at jewellerybox entail?

What doesn’t it entail?! I wear many hats in this job – keeping the website running smoothly, helping us rank higher on Google search, creating adverts on Google – it’s a good mix of creativity and technical stuff. Right now, I’m obsessed with making the website faster for customers (I know this has been an issue recently – sorry customers!).

I like getting involved in everything that affects the customer’s journey from going on our website to being happy with their order.

what’s your favourite thing about working here?

Autonomy: I can work on whatever I think is important for the business, this makes a huge difference!

Also, that I can bring a puppy to work (coming soon!)

what’s your all-time favourite thing to eat?

I have this conversation a lot – there’s a strong chance its pizza, but it’s almost definitely something with cheese.

what’s your favourite way to spend the weekend?

Eating good food, drinking good beer, running or cycling, hiking or snowboarding – not necessarily in that order. Or just being in a new place and exploring it.

quick-fire round!

Silver or Gold: Gold

Pizza or Pasta: Pizza

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Summer or Winter: Winter for the snowboarding 🏂, summer for the beer 🍺

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