glossary: stud earring fastenings

glossary: stud earring fastenings

16.09.2019, 11:00

There are three main types of fastenings when it comes to stud earrings, with the most traditional being the butterfly back. However, andralok earrings and screw back fastenings have their advantages too.

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The andralok style is a modern earring fastening, with andralok studs becoming increasingly popular. They remove the need to worry about fiddly butterfly backs, with the post having a hinge which just has to be flicked downwards once the earring is in the ear to secure it in place. No need to worry about losing butterfly backs with this fastening.

Butterfly Back

A butterfly back is the traditional earring fastening. The butterfly shaped metal disk features two small loops with a hole in the middle which the earring post slots into. This fastening is generally used in new piercings, as the back can be positioned at various points along the post to allow room for swelling.

Screw Back

Screw back fastenings are a little less fiddly to secure in place than butterfly backs are. The post is threaded at the end, and a nut is rotated along the length of the post securing the earring tightly against the lobe. This fastening type is great for those who are highly active as it is very secure.

Which fastening type will you go for?