how to care for your necklaces

how to care for your necklaces

28.04.2022, 14:38
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For thousands of years, chains have been the ultimate fashion accessory to hold a pendant, make a statement, and simply accessorise. But it’s important to take care of the pieces in your collection so that they will stand the test of time.

Here are some of our tips for looking after your chain necklaces to keep them sparkling and prevent any breakages:

1. avoid wearing necklaces during exercise and certain daily activities

Delicate chains can be susceptible to wear and tear throughout the day so it is recommended to avoid wearing necklaces when doing activities that could result in a chain getting caught, pulled, or tangled – such as when exercising, sleeping, and showering. Sweat, water, and ingredients in perfume and beauty products can accelerate the tarnishing of sterling silver and even damage soft gemstones like opals.

2. store carefully in an airtight bag or box

Do you remember a time before wireless headphones were invented when you would take your headphones out of your bag to find it in a tangled mess? The same thing can happen to chains, so storing them properly when not in use is important. Chains should be stored separately to ensure that they won’t tangle or rub together. Placing a chain in an airtight bag in a box will slow down the tarnishing of sterling silver and gold-plated silver chains.

3. wipe gently after wearing

Sweat, oil, dirt, and dead skin cells can accumulate on chains over time making them appear dull. We recommend wiping down your necklaces with an anti-tarnish cloth before storing them away to ensure any excess moisture, oils or dust are removed.

4. deep clean once in a while

Chains worn regularly will require a deeper clean once in a while. Soak the chains in a bowl of washing-up liquid and warm water and then giving them a gentle rub with a soft-bristled toothbrush or microfibre cloth is an inexpensive way to revive a chain’s shine. If you have multiple chains that need a clean, then make sure you place one chain in a bowl at a time to prevent tangling.

5. prioritise your chain when planning an outfit

On a night out, a chunky chain like the disco snake twist chain necklace will not only create added sparkle and glamour to any outfit, but it also has stronger links that can withhold constant movement on the dancefloor.

6. consider the chain’s purpose

If you have a pretty pendant and want to find a suitable chain to wear with it, then consider the size and weight of a pendant. A thin chain holding a large pendant will not only look out of proportion but could snap if holding a pendant that is too heavy. Luckily for you, all jewellerybox pendants are matched to chains according to style and functionality so that all you need to decide is the chain length.

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