4 tips to care for your silver jewellery this summer

4 tips to care for your silver jewellery this summer

01.07.2021, 17:19
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You should always take care of your jewellery, but in the summer time your favourite sterling silver pieces need a little extra TLC.

Here are all the necessary steps to keep your silver jewellery sparkling all summer long!

1. avoid wearing your jewellery at the beach

Sterling silver is a relatively soft metal so beach sand, bits of shells, pebbles, and the salt in ocean water can be abrasive on your favourite silver pieces causing scratches.

The best way to look after your sterling silver jewellery is to keep it at home on beach days, but if you do wear one of your favorite pieces to the beach, make sure to give it a thorough rinse in fresh water when you get home to remove any residue. Make sure to dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth before you pop it away so that you don’t cause tarnishing.

2. remove your jewellery before swimming

We know that it’s tempting to wear your silver jewellery in the pool, after all it does look great with your swimwear, but the chlorine and bromine used to treat swimming pools can accelerate the tarnishing process, leading to discolouration.

If you’ve already made the mistake of wearing your favourite silver pieces in the pool, don’t worry, it’s easy to clean your tarnished pieces. Grab yourself a silver polishing cloth (we like the goddards long term silver polishing cloth) and use long strokes to gently remove the tarnish.

3. keep your jewellery away from sunscreen

Although sunscreen won’t cause any long-lasting damage to your silver jewellery, it can build up on your jewellery and leave it looking dull and dirty, particularly if your jewellery has any crystals. It can also build up in clasps and fastenings, making your favourite pieces hard to remove.

Take extra care when wearing sunscreen with your jewellery and give your pieces a thorough clean when you take them off to bring back shine and prevent build-up of product.

4. remove sweat from your jewellery when you get home

Sweating can also cause your sterling silver jewellery to appear dirty and ultimately cause tarnishing.

We recommend leaving your jewellery at home on particularly hot days or giving your pieces a thorough clean to remove any residue when you get home. When cleaning your jewellery, make sure to do so in a secure location away from a sink, as the last thing you want is for your favourite pieces to fall down the drain and be lost.

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