how to clean gold plated jewellery

how to clean gold plated jewellery

28.05.2021, 13:28
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Gold plated jewellery is a great affordable alternative to solid gold, however it is important to look after it properly to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Here are our tips on preventing tarnishing and cleaning your gold plated jewellery:

tips for looking after your gold plated jewellery

The best way to look after your gold plated jewellery is to take preventative measures to reduce damage and keep your pieces looking brand new. Make sure to:

  • Remove any rings or bracelets when preparing food
  • Store your gold plated jewellery separately in individual pouches or boxes
  • Remove any gold plated jewellery before swimming in the sea or in pools
  • Wait for lotions, perfumes and other cosmetic products to fully dry before putting on your jewellery
  • Ensure to dry your gold plated jewellery thoroughly if it gets wet
  • Avoid sleeping in your gold plated pieces as friction can cause the plating to wear
  • Regularly clean your gold plated jewellery

how often should I clean gold plated jewellery?

We recommend wiping down your gold plated jewellery, after each wear, with a soft microfibre cloth (not a traditional polishing cloth as this can scratch away the plating). This not only removes any surface smudges, but will also remove any oils which could cause the plating to tarnish. A deeper clean should be done on your most-worn pieces every couple of weeks to keep them looking their best.

what to use to deep clean gold plated jewellery

The best thing to use for a deep clean is warm water and soap. When doing a deep clean on your gold plated jewellery it is important that you use a basic soap and not an antibacterial soap, as this is too strong and can cause the plating to tarnish.

Mix a small amount of soap in a bowl with warm water and leave your gold plated jewellery to soak in the solution for a couple of minutes. We recommend only placing one or two pieces into the solution at a time to prevent scratching.

After the pieces have soaked for a few minutes, use a cotton swab to remove any dirt and carefully wipe down your pieces with a soft cloth. It’s important to ensure all jewellery is completely dry before putting away.

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