Winter Styling: 5 Tips for Making Your Jewellery Stand Out When Layering

Winter Styling: 5 Tips for Making Your Jewellery Stand Out When Layering

26.02.2018, 11:00
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We might be edging closer to spring time, but we’re still firmly in those notoriously colder months, meaning the layers are still being piled on every morning. It can be hard when the mornings are dark and chilly to be thinking about more than what shoes you’re going to wear that day, let alone how you’re going to accessorise (especially when the pieces you pick will probably get lost under the layers of jumpers and coats). It would be easier to go without and leave your jewellery in its box until summer comes, but that would be boring, wouldn’t it?

Here’s how to make your jewellery stand out while you’re still wearing your layers.

Choose a unique necklace

You might think about skipping necklaces when you’re wearing things like roll necks, but a necklace can actually complement this style. The main way to make sure it stands out is to make your chosen necklace a talking point. Choose something unique that people’s eyes will be drawn to. This rose gold plated heartbeat pendant does exactly that – it’s dainty but has enough substance to be noticeable and will always invoke questions. You can tell it’s something unique, rather than just a boring shape.

Not sure which length necklace to go for? Check out our helpful guide to chain lengths.

Don’t forget earrings

Earrings are a surefire way to have a stand-out piece of jewellery, even if you’re covered up to the neck. Think about arriving somewhere when you’re all bundled up in your coat – pretty much the only visible piece of jewellery will be your earrings. They provide the sparkle or hint of delicateness that we can all lose when we’re covered in layers and running for the bus on a cold morning. Think about creating an ear stack made up of delicate studs or hoops, and don’t worry if you’ve only got one lobe piercing, you can still create your stacked look with a selection of ear cuffs.

Still wear your watches and bracelets

Throughout winter, you’ll rarely find someone without a long sleeve jumper on, so things like bracelets and watches often get lost.

If you’re wearing a coat with sleeves that are too long to show off your wristwear, consider still adding a chunky bracelet or watch over your long sleeves to show off when your layers are removed. These pieces can add some visual interest to your outfit and will be sure to stand out against long sleeves.

Stack up your rings

Cold hands are definitely not the prettiest, so rings really help to style things out a bit. Like earrings, they’re often the only piece you’ll see underneath your outerwear. Wearing multiple stacking rings on one hand can help to draw the eye and make more of a statement. Stacking rings tend to be thinner rings, designed so that you can wear two or more at once, but they can also be an understated piece worn alone.

Choose chunky pieces

Chunky jewellery can be a great way to add a bold and unique statement to any outfit. Plus, these oversized pieces are more likely to stand out amongst those winter layers. Whether you prefer a chunky chain, a bold ring, or a pair of larger earrings, these pieces are the easiest way to ensure your accessories don’t get lost in your outfit.

By following these tips, you can make your jewellery stand out and add some personality to your winter layers. Don’t be afraid to accessorise, even in the colder months – a unique necklace, earrings, watches and bracelets on the outside of your layers, unique stacking rings, and chunkier designs can all help your jewellery shine, even when you’re bundled up.