meet the team: Michelle – jeweller & buyer

meet the team: Michelle – jeweller & buyer

01.04.2019, 11:00
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We thought it was about time you wonderful jewellerybox blog readers got the chance to meet the people behind jewellerybox, so welcome to our ‘meet the team’ series! Kicking things off, we have jeweller & buyer, Michelle. The lady behind all our cute enamel earrings and quirky geometric designs.

Where are you from?

My favourite annoying humorous question! British Other, British-Asian Other, Other ?

Born and raised in Great Essex/ East London and my ethnicity/ cultural factors/ a state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition – The Philippines!

what’s your favourite jewellerybox product?

So many to choose from, but currently wearing the sterling silver 20mm large circle stud hoop earrings!

Sterling Silver 20mm Large Circle Stud Hoop Earrings

what made you want to work with jewellery?

My love of design and aesthetics, but jewellery has that extra life-long sentimental touch. To give, to be given, a memory attached.

what’s your all-time favourite thing to eat?

I absolutely love food of all cuisines! So back to basics, the bare minimal left in the fridge I would be ecstatic to eat?

CHEESE on toast!

Eggs, rice, just CHIPS-PROPER Chip Shop CHIPS!!! carbs carbs carbs, closely behind!

what’s your favourite way to spend the weekend?

With rest, relaxation, sunshine and a light breeze! My favourite way to start the weekend? A long lie in, followed by an All Day Breakfast.

quick-fire round!

Love of ALL but if I had to had to choose:

  • Silver or Gold:Gold
  • Pizza or Pasta: Pasta
  • Tea or Coffee: Recent years Coffee
  • Summer or Winter: Summer

Stay tuned to meet more of the jewellerybox team!