piercing parts

piercing parts

18.09.2020, 11:36

what are the world’s favourite piercings?

Body piercing has been around for centuries but has exploded in popularity over the last few decades.

But it’s not just ears that we love to get pierced these days, with no body parts off-limits when it comes to body modification.

So which are the world’s favourite piercings? And which are growing in popularity? To find out, we’ve analysed:

  • Average monthly Google searches
  • Change in Google searches (last three years)
  • Number of Instagram hashtags

the world’s favourite piercings

Taking all three factors into account, the data shows that the world’s favourite piercing is actually the septum piercing (a piercing through the dividing wall between the nostrils).

This was followed by the Daith piercing, an ear-piercing which is claimed to provide migraine relief, and the simple nose piercing.

the world’s most searched piercings

The Daith piercing came out as the most searched for piercing in the world, with just under 200,000 global searches a month.

While there has been no evidence to support the claims that they can reduce migraine symptoms, Daith piercings have proved very popular in recent years, as a unique and simple look.

the piercings rising in popularity

We also looked at which piercings have increased in popularity the most over the last three years, with searches for surface tragus piercing jumping by 150% in this period.

It’s a simple variation to the traditional tragus piercing, but rather than passing through the actual cartilage, it simply goes through the surface instead.

the most tagged piercings on social media

Finally, we looked at which piercings have been mentioned the most times in Instagram hashtags, with the septum piercing being revealed as the piercing which receives the most love on social media, with almost 2 million hashtags.


We analysed some of the most common types of piercings on the following three factors, giving each piercing a normalised score out of a hundred for each factor, before taking an average score across all three factors.

average Monthly Google Searches

The number of average global searches made each month on Google, according to Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer.

three-year search increase

The increase in search interest over the last three years, calculated using Google Trends. Google Trends shows an indexed search interest score over a given period of time, with 100 showing the date that a term received the most searches. For each piercing, we looked at search interest over the past six years (from March 2014 to March 2020), taking an average score for the last three years, before comparing this with the average for the previous three years to calculate the change. Note that we chose to look up until March, as from April 2020, searches for piercing dropped drastically following the coronavirus outbreak.

instagram hashtags

The number of posts that mentioned each piercing using hashtags, as of 08/08/2020.

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