the april birthstone edit: diamond & clear

the april birthstone edit: diamond & clear

10.04.2019, 11:46
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All you April babies, you are lucky aren’t you! Arguably the best birthstone to have, but also the most expensive, the diamond is most commonly used in engagement rings, but are also popular in earrings.

White diamonds are the most common variety of diamond, and the brighter the white, generally the more expensive the diamond. However, diamonds also come in various other colours such as yellow, pink and blue.

Find out more about diamonds in our jewellery glossary post – carat, clarity, colour, & cut

Diamonds are found deep below the Earth’s surface and were formed billions of years ago. They tend to be very expensive due to their rarity.

We have a range of diamond jewellery on jewellerybox which is super affordable, but we also stock lots of clear cz pieces which are a great alternative for those who want to get the diamond look but for a fraction of the price. Here are some of our top picks:

  1. Sterling Silver Clear April CZ Claddagh Ring – from £12.85
  2. Rose Gold Plated Clear CZ Pull Through Earrings – £13.35
  3. Sterling Silver Angel w/ Clear CZ Necklace – from £8.65
  4. 9ct Rose Gold Clear CZ Andralok Studs – £23
  5. 9ct Gold Clear April CZ Teardrop Necklace – from £34
  6. Sterling Silver & Genuine Diamond Ring – £19
  7. 9ct White Gold Genuine Diamond Earrings – £128
  8. 9ct White Gold Genuine Diamond Necklace – from £98
  9. Sterling Silver Clear CZ Triangle Earrings – £11.75

You cannot deny that April has the most wearable birthstone!