the biggest and most popular wedding trends in 2022

the biggest and most popular wedding trends in 2022

18.07.2022, 11:22

Summer is well and truly here, which means that the wedding season is in full swing. With that in mind, we want to reveal the top wedding trends of 2022 that are here to stay this year and beyond!

Within this report, we have explored a wide range of wedding trends including jewellery, clothing, decor, themes, foods, and entertainment, by those the most searched for this year in the UK, and those that trended the most on social media.

Our experts at jewellerybox took a deep dive into data from Google and Instagram, to find out which wedding trends are stealing the crown in 2022.

The most popular wedding jewellery in 2022

  1. Bridal Bangles

Google Searches: 900 + Instagram Hashtags: 281,000

Bridal bangles top our list of wedding jewellery trends in 2022, they have been a popular choice of jewellery for brides for decades and still are, with the highest number of Insta hashtags on our list.

Whether you choose a minimalistic bangle look or choose to stack a few, they give a classic, elegant look on your big day. There are a huge range of bridal bangles to choose from to make a statement, from sterling silver to rose-gold plated.

  1. Oval Engagement Ring

Google Searches: 75,200 + Instagram Hashtags: 62,900

The oval engagement ring is the second most popular jewellery trend in 2022. Topping our Google Searches, it is clear that oval-shaped engagement rings are still a timeless favourite.

The oval represents uniqueness and individuality, while pushing boundaries, but still honouring tradition. The stone is shaped like an egg, symbolising fertility, rebirth, and family. The oval stone ring will never go out of style.

  1. Vintage Engagement Ring

Google Searches: 66,500 + Instagram Hashtags: 60,400

Our third most popular jewellery trend is the vintage engagement ring. Vintage engagement rings are traditionally older than 20 years old. They’re usually second-hand, although they could be old and unused, making them a sustainable option. Vintage engagement rings are available in a range of styles and metals, gold, silver, or rose gold.

This style of ring is usually most popular with boho brides or brides that love the classic, timeless and unique look of engagement rings. Many celebrities have been spotted rocking vintage engagement rings, including Scarlett Johansson, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Emily Blunt. It’s no wonder they’re so popular.

The most popular wedding decor in 2022

  1. Boho Wedding

Google Searches: 10,000.00 + Instagram Hashtags: 2,900,000

By far the most popular wedding decor trend is boho, which is short for bohemian. Bohemian decor is all about channelling effortless and elegant style. The relaxed, global-inspired aesthetic bends traditional rules to create a personalised look. Trending high on Instagram with 2.9 million hashtags, it’s clear that effortless, hippie-style decor is a popular choice.

  1. Wedding Signs

Google Searches: 36,600.00 + Instagram Hashtags: 277,000

Trending higher than ‘boho’ for the number of Google searches, are wedding signs. Minimalist-style signs that welcome wedding guests have become extremely popular this year. There are many different options for creating an ideal wedding sign, including novelty ones to make your guests smile and remember. Signs are also a great option to help guests look at the plan for the big day.

  1. Wedding Cake Topper

Google Searches: 68,600.00 + Instagram Hashtags: 111,000

Our third most popular wedding decor is the infamous wedding cake topper. Cake toppers offer a romantic touch to your wedding cake. With many different styles to choose from and personalise, it’s no surprise that they are extremely popular. Placed on top of the cake for everyone to see, they are a traditional symbol for married couples.

The most popular wedding clothing in 2022

  1. Lace Wedding Dress

Google Searches: 91,300.00 + Instagram Hashtags: 383,000

The most popular wedding clothing trend is lace wedding dresses. With celebrities and royals like Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, channelling lace on their wedding day, lace will always be timeless and elegant.

  1. Black Wedding Dress

Google Searches: 120,800 + Instagram Hashtags: 60,300

Perhaps a much less obvious choice to opt for when picking the dress for your big day is a black wedding dress. However, topping our Google searches at 120,800, it’s clear that many brides are considering a less traditional style of wedding dress. With celebrities like Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn rocking her black gown with a 22-foot veil, the gothic-barbie style could make it to the UK.

  1. Beach Wedding Dress

Google Searches: 95,400.00 + Instagram Hashtags: 50,700

The third most popular wedding clothing trend is the beach wedding dress. Despite our cold climate in the UK, wedding dresses suited for the beach have the second-highest number of Google searches on our list.

Those looking for beach wedding dresses may opt for a shorter-length dress to frolic in the sand, whether they are travelling further afield or braving the British coastline.

The most popular wedding themes in 2022

  1. Destination Wedding

Google Searches: 20,000 + Instagram Hashtags: 13,300,000

Nicely followed by our beach wedding dress trend, the most popular wedding theme in 2022 is destination weddings. Weddings, where guests travel abroad, are very special, whether you are hosting it on the beaches of the beautiful Spanish coast, or living it up on the party island of Ibiza, destination weddings are extremely popular.

  1. Beach Wedding

Google Searches: 29,400 + Instagram Hashtags: 2,600,000

There is definitely a recurring theme here, with beach weddings being the second most popular wedding theme on our list. Beach weddings are particularly special for couples who love to travel or have memories attached to a particular destination. With the stunning sights of the ocean, many couples may choose a less traditional venue than a church.

  1. Intimate Wedding

Google Searches: 3,340 + Instagram Hashtags: 2,300,000

Intimate weddings are the third most popular wedding theme on our list. The pandemic has sparked many couples to consider a more intimate affair on their wedding day, with smaller groups of close friends and family attending. Intimate weddings are romantic and special, and many couples prefer to enjoy their special day with only their nearest and dearest.

The most popular wedding foods in 2022

  1. Dessert Table

Google Searches: 8,000 + Instagram Hashtags: 3,700,000

Topping our list for the most popular wedding food trend is the dessert table. The classic dessert table is a staple at weddings, offering guests delicious treats from cakes to artisanal desserts. Dessert tables are often the highlight of the guests’ dining experience, so it’s no wonder that it is the most popular.

  1. Grazing Tables

Google Searches: 52,100 + Instagram Hashtags: 366,000

Our second most popular food trend at weddings is grazing tables. Grazing tables are easy and delicious, offering guests the choice to share a delicious graze, by catering to all appetites and diets. The food is usually snackable, from meats and cheeses to fresh fruits, olives and bread. Grazing tables offer an informal vibe, and encourage all the guests to mingle.

  1. Wedding Cookies

Google Searches: 3,500 + Instagram Hashtags: 258,000

Wedding cookies are a classic that never go out of style. Whether you choose to bake them yourself or buy them in batches, there are many different types of cookies to choose from.

Couples may choose a number of fan favourites: chocolate chip, sugar cookies, heart cookies, oatmeal raisin, pecan cookies, butter cookies and French macaroons. You can choose to display the cookies at your wedding reception and style them out based on your wedding theme.

The most popular wedding entertainment trends in 2022

  1. Photo Booth Wedding

Google Searches: 20,600 + Instagram Hashtags: 425,000

Topping our wedding entertainment trend is wedding photo booths. Having a photo booth at your wedding is a fun experience for guests to enjoy of all ages. Photo booths are a great icebreaker for guests who haven’t seen each other in a while, or don’t know a lot of people at your wedding.

  1. Father-Daughter Dance

Google Searches: 1,610 + Instagram Hashtags: 290,000

Coming up as our second most popular wedding entertainment trend in 2022 is the father-daughter dance. It is unknown when the father-daughter dance originated, but it stems from a time when arranged marriages were more common. The father and daughter would dance together, and midway through the song, the bride would be handed off to her new husband.

Now, it is less regarded as a tradition, but more as a beautiful moment between a bride and father, that symbolises their appreciation for the love and guidance they received throughout their life.

  1. Wedding Props

Google Searches: 3,920 + Instagram Hashtags: 152,000

Our third most popular wedding trend for entertainment is wedding props. Wedding props can be anything from decor like lighting and flowers, to novelty props such as headbands, sunglasses, hats and costumes for guests.

Whether you are providing funny props like big head cutouts to make hilarious photos for your wedding or adding some pizazz with romantic decorations, props are a great way to add a personal touch to the big day.


We wanted to explore which wedding trends were heading to be the most popular for the year.

To do this, we first looked at listicle articles for each category such as this one from Bride on 2022 must-have wedding jewellery trends, this list by Wedding Ideas for wedding food trends, and this list for wedding clothing by Town and Country Magazine.

Finally, we added up the trends’ total searches on Instagram to get their total. For the search volumes, we used Google Keyword Planner for each trend to find the total number of searches in 2022. We took the two scores and added them to get the total score for each trend in each category.