what does your jewellery mean?

what does your jewellery mean?

09.04.2018, 11:00

Over the years I’ve gone from wearing silver to gold to rose gold and back to silver. I think deep down I’m a silver girl at heart, even having my engagement ring changed to sterling silver after an unfortunate skin reaction. After this, I started to look into metal properties and what different metals meant – it’s actually super interesting. A lot leads back to ancient Greece and it’s quite fascinating to see what your chosen jewellery metal could mean so I thought I’d share just that, to see what it really means.


Silver is always my go to, I think I just like the way it looks with various crystals and gems but the more I read into the metal, the more I know it’s suited to me. Silver is said to possess the feminine energy of the moon as well as intuition and imagination. It is also said to represent purity, clarity and focus. The Infinity Charm bracelet from Jewellery Box is one of my favourite pieces and shows the above perfectly. It is such a dainty piece and goes with everything.


Gold has represented status and worth since its discovery. Its yellow energy is said to be that of the masculine vibrancy of the sun, elegance and power. That is also why it has always been used when proposing marriage, a gift of gold isn’t something cheap and it’s energy brings love, commitment and fidelity. Screw the old tradition though, how about you just treat yourself? The Tree of Life pendant is a beautiful, gold piece from jewellerybox.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is gold mixed with copper which is why it has that beautiful, blush finish. The mixed metal holds the meaning of love and has become quite the popular choice in recent years for so much more than jewellery, it’s definitely a blogger favourite. This Hammered Finish Heart Pendant comes in the pretty blush finish and is super cute.

White Gold

White Gold is also a mixed metal of gold with nickel or palladium which gives it a platinum look. White Gold is thought to represent friendship. A lot of it’s meaning still comes from what people believe of pure gold but many believe the white gold finish gives it a softer and purer meaning, a meaning of togetherness which is why it is associated with friendship. I think the Engravable Circle pendant available on Jewellery Box would make a lovely gift of friendship if you are feeling generous.

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