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what length chain should you buy?

29.10.2018, 11:00
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Deciding what chain length to purchase can be a right pain, as it can be a challenge to figure out where the chains will sit on your chest, but don’t worry we’ve got the perfect post to help you choose what length chain you should pick!

12″ Chain

Will fit as a choker

14″ Chain

Will fit almost like a choker, looser on petite people

16″ Chain

Will sit neatly around the base of the neck. On a smaller person it may touch your collarbone, but for others, it may be a bit more like a choker

18″ Chain

Seen as the ‘standard’ length chain for a lady, this will fall just below the throat. If you are after adding a pendant to a chain, we recommend this length, as it will sit nicely on top of clothing

20″ Chain

This size will fall below the collarbone, a few inches underneath. We recommend this length for a lower cut top!

24″ Chain

Falls at the middle of the chest

28″ Chain

Hangs below the chest

32″ Chain

Will sit at waist height

We have a huge range of chain styles available, from foxtails to snake chains, we have them all. If you’re not sure what style chain you require, then check out our Chain Glossary here!

Hopefully you now have all that you need to pick the right chain for you. However, if you’re still not sure what chain you would like, drop our Customer Service team an email on hello@jewellerybox.co.uk and they will try to advise you on the best chain for you.