what product should I add to make my basket over £10 in order to qualify for free shipping?

what product should I add to make my basket over £10 in order to qualify for free shipping?

01.10.2018, 11:00
Category_customer help

So we have all had that nightmare moment when we have decided to purchase items online, and have ended up being £1, or 50p under the threshold to qualify for free shipping. Many of us are then faced with the tedious challenge of scouring through a website’s pages in order to find a cheap item that will prevent us from paying delivery charges…which is, of course, incredibly annoying, especially when said item isn’t something that we really need or want.

However, jewellerybox have tried to combat this issue by providing an under £5 range for customers. This range is full of essential, and also rather lovely jewellery items – and I thought I would share a few of those items with you all, to prove that you can find the perfect product to add to your basket to qualify for free shipping (and I promise it will be something you want)!

  • I absolutely love earrings, and simply cannot leave the house without a pair in. Hoops are an all-time favourite of mine, as I feel that they easily dress up a look and can also look incredibly cool. Therefore, it is pretty handy that jewellerybox feature many hoop earrings in their under £5 range, as I am always in need of another pair to add to my collection.

  • Whilst I do love hoops, stud earrings are also a very practical jewellery item – and in the under £5 range, there is also a large variety of stud earrings! I certainly think that adding a plain, simple pair of studs to my basket is worthwhile, considering that they always come in handy to wear at work and school, whilst ones that are a bit more colourful and contain crystals are the perfect piece of jewellery to add more detail to a look (especially if you perhaps aren’t such a fan of hooped or dangly earrings).

  • As well as earrings, a bracelet very often helps to complete a look. Therefore, if you have perhaps already added a bracelet to your basket but haven’t quite qualified for free shipping, why not also add one of the under £5 bracelets too? By doing so, you can always layer up your bracelets, which is something that I particularly like to do when I’m wearing a more dressy outfit!

  • If you want to make an extra purchase in order to reach the free delivery threshold, it’s also a good idea to perhaps try something new. For a long time, I had wanted to purchase a toe ring and in the under £5 range, jewellerybox have the perfect, simple toe ring that will help me to try out a new look! Plus, the majority of the toe rings on the website can be worn as adjustable finger-rings too!

As you can see, whilst it is frustrating to be just beneath the qualifying amount for free shipping, on jewellerybox there is a large variety of items that you can buy in order to solve such a problem. Considering that so many of those items are very useful (and also very pretty!) you certainly won’t feel guilty about adding them to your basket!