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Anti Tarnish 6" x 6" Large Intercept' Zip-lock Bag

Anti Tarnish 6" x 6" Large Intercept' Zip-lock Bag

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No more tarnished jewellery lying on your bedside table, invest in our anti-tarnish bags to give your jewellery the best protection it can get! The bags use semi-conductor technology to transform plastics into a protective reactive barrier against corrosive gases (in the case of silver and gold, tarnishing is caused by an oxidisation process with the air) so the best way to store jewellery is in an air tight container/bag. Intercept Technology™ polymers are non-toxic, non-abrasive, and environmentally friendly. Intercept™ does not emit any chemicals or oils and will not leave deposits on the items it protects. Intercept™ provides 10 years of protection, so this 6x6 inch bag is designed to really last a lifetime!
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