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black friday deals you don’t want to miss!

Written by Daena
04.11.2020, 09:30

Not sure whether you should spend your money this Black Friday? Well yes, yes you should! You deserve a treat after the 2020 we’ve all had… Here at jewellerybox we will be offering four different offers across the four days of the 2020 Black Friday weekend. Each deal will be available for 24 hours only, with the first one coming on Friday 27th November. It’ll …

top picks for men’s jewellery

Written by Dan Farthing
02.09.2019, 11:00

Accessories in general can still be a bit of a mystery for some men, but we think jewellery is the way to set yourself apart from the crowd. It’s important to ease into it, if you’re not comfortable wearing it then it won’t look right. Whilst you’re getting used to wearing jewellery it’s a good idea to stick to the same staple pieces every day …

get the love island look – 2019 edition

Written by Daena
21.06.2019, 11:00

We can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we wrote our “bling that’s hot in the villa” blog post for 2018 Love Island, but it’s that time again! Our evening plans no longer exist without the promise of a TV being around at 9pm, and the group chats are pinging every ten seconds with opinions on all the islanders moves. The style has been …

earring style guide | which style is for you?

18.03.2019, 11:00

If I’m honest, I think earrings are my favourite type of jewellery. Necklaces can be fiddly to put on (and they just don’t go with some outfits) and bracelets can be uncomfortable if you’re spending your day working at a computer, or going out for a meal. But earrings, they work with every and any outfit and are a quick way to make yourself feel a …

choosing the right hoops for you

18.02.2019, 11:00

If there’s one jewellery item that’s iconic and easy to wear in multiple ways, it’s hoop earrings. From simple gold dipped 25mm hoops to more ornate charm hoop earrings, there really is a style for everyone and whatever event you’re heading to (and whatever outfit you’re wearing), there’s a pair of hoops that will look great on you! So, let’s talk about some different types …

timeless pieces of jewellery everyone needs

Written by Jas
11.02.2019, 11:00

Just like every girl should have a LBD (little black dress) in her wardrobe, she should also have a collection of timeless pieces of jewellery to see her through every social occasion. Your collection should be versatile and include classic items that will add sophistication to casual outfits during the day, and enhance your evening looks making them memorable and stand-out in a style unique …

get the gold look for less

28.01.2019, 11:00

New Year, new jewellery Anyone else use the new year as an excuse to refresh and restock their wardrobe? As well as the occasional sale splurge (pretty printed dresses and oversized jackets come my way), I’ve been enjoying scouting out some affordable gold dipped jewellery to add a subtle luxe feel to my outfits. Seeing as you’re reading this post, you probably already know how …

dainty jewellery vs chunky jewellery

Written by Jas
14.01.2019, 11:00

Both chunky and dainty jewellery have been huge trends for 2018, and 2019 shows no signs of the trends burning out! Dainty One of my favourite dainty pieces is the wheat spiga rope chain necklace, a delicate nod to the choker trend which continues to glam up both day and night looks. A simple and lightweight sterling silver chain with heart clasp sits nestled perfectly …

jewellery glossary: nose stud styles

Written by Daena
21.11.2018, 11:00

Here at jewellerybox we offer a variety of different nose stud styles, and not only this, but a range of thicknesses too to ensure that there is something for every piercing. Our guide will help you figure out which nose stud is best for you! l-shaped nose studs | ball end nose studs | andralok studs | nose screws   l-shaped nose studs L-shaped nose studs …

what length chain should you buy?

Written by Daena
29.10.2018, 11:00

Deciding what chain length to purchase can be a right pain, as it can be a challenge to figure out where the chains will sit on your chest, but don’t worry we’ve got the perfect post to help you choose what length chain you should pick! 12″ Chain Will fit as a choker 14″ Chain Will fit almost like a choker, looser on petite people …