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choosing the right hoops for you

18.02.2019, 11:00
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If there’s one jewellery item that’s iconic and easy to wear in multiple ways, it’s hoop earrings. From simple gold dipped 25mm hoops to more ornate charm hoop earrings, there really is a style for everyone and whatever event you’re heading to (and whatever outfit you’re wearing), there’s a pair of hoops that will look great on you!

So, let’s talk about some different types of hoops and the things that make each of them unique. I’ve not mentioned different types of metal in this post, as you can get each of these styles in whichever metal you wish, and I feel like metal choice is quite personal (and often due to what you plan to wear).

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Sleeper hoops

This style of hoop is designed to be worn while you sleep, so they’re perfect for popping in when your ears have been freshly pierced to help your ears heal during the night. They’re a small and lightweight hoop, so are also great to wear if you’re not a fan of wearing earrings that feel like they’re pulling on your ears. These hoops are very simple, so even if you’re not healing a new piercing, they’re great for wearing during the day if you like more subtle jewellery.

Hinged hoops

If you’re new to hoops, then you’ll also love this style as they’re a lot easier to put in! Hinged hoops offer a similar look to more traditional hoops and sleeper earrings, but the hinge means you can open them up much more, making them far easier to put in. You can get these in lots of different styles – from classic, simple hoops to more ornate offerings and different shapes (I’m a fan of the gold and crystal heart shaped hoops, so pretty).

Open hoops

Open hoop earrings are, again, a lot easier to put in than traditional hoops, as you don’t have to fiddle around with closing the hoop! These mimic the style of more traditional hoops, and they look great in different materials, colours patterns. They often come with a butterfly back, so if you’re not familiar with wearing hoops this style is the most similar to other earrings.

Charm hoops

Although not a category of hoop based on their mechanisms, I just had to mention charm hoops because I’ve fallen in love with this style of earring recently. As you can imagine, these hoops come with charms threaded through them (usually just one, but I have seen some with more). My favourites of this style are this pair of yellow gold dipped sterling silver & 4mm green crystal ball charm hoop earrings and sterling silver cz crystal kiss hug xo sleeper hoop earrings. Both styles are really pretty and I love how eye-catching the charms are.

Huggie hoops

Arguably one of the most on trend hoop styles at the moment, huggie hoops are generally a little thicker, and sit very close to the lobe (hence the name). This style of hoop generally has a hinged clasp which clicks shut, making these much easier to secure if you don’t have all that much patience.

Bali hoops

Bali hoops are a style of hoop whereby there is a design on the metal. This design of hoop is inspired by the tribal and gypsy cultures around the world. Generally they are smaller hoops with a twisted rope style design on them, such as the ones below.

So, there you have it, a quick guide to some of the most popular styles of hoops (as well as a special mention of the style of hoops I’ve been loving the most recently). If you want some more hoop-spiration, you can browse the hoops section of the jewellerybox website, there’s some really great pairs available (some of which I have mentioned above) and I’m sure you’ll find a pair that you fall head-over-heels for. Happy shopping!