What is an Andralok stud?

What is an Andralok stud?

14.08.2020, 15:25

Those with ear piercings tend to wear earrings every day, so we understand that it’s important you find a place where fashion and function combine.

The answer might be Andralok.

In the ‘70s the Andra Jewels’ team developed the Andralok fastening – with practicality in mind.

Perfect for everyday wear, you’ll no longer lament the loss of a butterfly back because Andralok’s trademark lever snaps shut at a near 90 degree angle, to keep it secure all day.

This modern fastening is quick and easy – no more frustrating fiddly components – ideal if you ever find yourself fiddling with butterfly backs while rushing to work (we can relate)!

These timeless sterling silver ball stud earrings are perfect for all occasions:

With a wide variety of styles available, Andralok earrings aren’t just for everyday wear and the Andralok fastening isn’t reserved solely for stud earrings, it’s available in drop earrings too.

The Andralok style can also be worn as a nose stud. These simple sterling silver nose studs are a popular choice for a classic everyday look.

The offering of comfort and class means that Andralok wearers tend to remain loyal to the brand, and with returning customers and newcomers alike, their products are becoming increasingly popular.

Whether you’re looking for your first pair, or are a returning Andralok customer, we’ll have something for you in our collection of Andralok stud earrings, drop earrings, and nose studs – available in sterling silver and 9ct gold. Want to find out whether andraloks make good sleeper earrings? Read our post: “can you sleep in andralok studs?

Andralok’s easy snap-shut fastening means they’re perfect for children too. Shop our children’s collection now, including these cute dalmatian stud earrings:

Pros of Andralok:

  • Andralok’s modern snap-shut fastening is secure – your jewellery will hold in place all day
  • The snap-shut fastening is quick and easy – forget fiddling with butterfly backs
  • The fastening allows the earring post to flat against the back of the lobe for all day comfort
  • Handmade in the UK

Things to be aware of with Andralok:

  • Andralok earrings and studs tend to measure slightly thicker than average – so they may not be entirely suitable for those with smaller piercing holes (be particularly careful with nose piercings)