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A modern day earring fastening, Andralok studs are becoming increasingly popular. Removing the need to worry about fiddly butterfly backs, we have Andralok stud earrings for women and children in a range of styles to suit your taste. From cute animal designs to birthstones and Valentine's Day love hearts, there's something for everyone. Available in sterling silver and 9ct gold, these earrings make a great gift - from you to you or for a loved one. Narrow down your search preferences using our filters below and find your next pair of Andralok studs.

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Andralok Earrings - your questions answered!

What are Andralok stud earrings?

Andralok studs feature a unique hinged fastening mechanism that eliminates the need for traditional butterfly backs. This makes them incredibly secure and easy to wear. Learn more about this innovative design in our blog post.

How do I use Andralok earrings?

Simply slide the post through your ear and flip the hinged part upwards to lock it securely in place. To remove, lower the hinge and slide the earring out. This design is ideal for those who prefer a hassle-free and secure earring solution.

Are Andralok earrings secure?

Yes, the Andralok locking mechanism ensures the earrings stay firmly in place throughout the day. They're especially suited for active individuals or those prone to losing traditional earring backs.

Can Andralok studs be worn by people with sensitive ears?

Our Andralok studs are made from materials like sterling silver and gold, making them ideal for sensitive ears. Plus, they're proudly made in the UK, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

How do I care for my Andralok earrings?

Maintain the shine and prevent tarnish by regularly cleaning your Andralok studs with our recommended Town Talk 50ml Jewellery Polishing Spray. Store them in a dry place to keep them looking like new.

Do you offer Andralok nose studs?

Yes, we also offer Andralok nose studs, which provide the same secure and easy-to-use benefits as our earrings. Check out our selection here.